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Clear blue ovulation tests

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Pollyloppy Thu 22-Dec-16 20:41:08

Hello all! Myself and my new husband (of 4 months) are trying for our first child. We are using clear blue ovulation tests and I was wondering if anyone else has used them and if so were they successful for you. If they did work how many cycles did you go through before conceiving?

We are currently on high fertility and should be in peak tomorrow or Saturday! A very merry Xmas I hope wink

Thank you. Very excited.

krakentoast Thu 22-Dec-16 22:15:13

I haven't used these, but watching with interest as am considering them for next month if this month doesn't lead anywhere... let us know how you get on!

Glitterbubble Thu 22-Dec-16 23:54:46

Following too grin

PenguinsandPebbles Thu 22-Dec-16 23:59:03

Download an app like Ovia - it will track your cycles and tell you your fertile days

The monitor is worth the investment IMO.

It can take a very long time to get pregnant so keep that in mind or you will drive yourself stir crazy.

champagneplanet Fri 23-Dec-16 00:25:00

I wasn't a fan of these to be honest, they are expensive and some months I didn't even get a smiley face which was ridiculous!

I would definitely use Ovia and use the cheap ovulation strips, you get to know very quickly when you're heading to peak if you use FMU, don't forget that you can still DTD before and after peak!

The above worked for me I'm 18 weeks pregnant smile

LisaSimpsonsbff Fri 23-Dec-16 08:45:52

I'm on my second cycle of using them - so fx for this cycle but no joy yet! I've been trying for five months (but four cycles - mine are a bit long) in total.

Even though I've got no success story yet, I do like them: for me the big advantages over cheap OPKs is that there is no uncertainty about reading them, and that you're encouraged to use FMU, which suits me perfectly - the cheap OPKs are supposed to be done in the middle of the day, which just isn't going to work for me with my work.

The apps are only as good as the data you give them - this (month 5) is the first time Ovia has predicted my fertile window in a way that lines up with my cervical mucus, and with when I turned out to get a static smiley, and I think having the high/peak data from last cycle helped there.

Again, I can't say they've worked for me yet (but I haven't given it much time), but I think that as long as you can afford it (they are pricey) then they're worth a shot!

Pollyloppy Fri 23-Dec-16 17:39:24

Thank you everyone. I don't know if they are that accurate. Apparently you have 2 high fertility days and 2 peak fertility days. I'm on day 4 of high fertility. Is it inaccurate or perhaps my cycle is a little strange?

ns1348 Fri 23-Dec-16 17:49:21


Both cycles I've used them for so far I've had 4 high days before peak: it just varies from person to person. I think they're helpful, and definitely better than an app alone because of the variation between people.

onlymrsmac Fri 23-Dec-16 22:20:26


I used IC OPKs for 11 months, nothing. Used CB digital in cycle 12, got solid smiley, DTD every other day from there and got my BFP 15 DPO.

So I am a fan! I liked the accuracy, as clearly with the sticks I wasn't timing it right at all

afridi27 Sat 24-Dec-16 18:44:58

Hi Everyone
I just want to share our experience with clearblue digital test .first of all we tried for nearly a year to get pregnent but nothing happen then decided to buy some ovulation test and see if it gonna work for us .i baught the cheaper clearblue non digital test in which it was hard for us to findout the exact ovulation day so we missed first month .next month i baught expensive high fertility clearblue test from boots for £23.on day 9 we saw peak fertility and solid smile which stay for 48 hrs .we have 4 time sex in 48 hrs .morning&afternoon .we have old clearblue normal digital tester too which we used again next day to make sure as after high fertility high our new tester was freez.anyway we check on 19th dec and it was positive and then i baught digital test and you know what ? It says 1-2 weeks pregnent smile ...i would definetley say try the expensive test rather then cheaper one and then keep quessing and confusing .i hope this help .my wife was not a big fan of them test but after my research i baught and we have success .

M8000 Sat 24-Dec-16 20:16:10

I'd been off the pill four months but not actively ttc. Went straight for the digital ones, interestingly I was ovulating much earlier than average, and got pregnant the first cycle. I realise how fortunate I am, I thought it might take a while as I'm no spring chicken, but I would never have known those were my fertile days without it so 100% worth the money

Elllicam Sat 24-Dec-16 20:24:13

It worked for me, I was ovulating later thank normal (probably due to breastfeeding) so if I had relied on the app I would have totally missed my fertile period.

Pollyloppy Sun 25-Dec-16 23:23:34

Thanks everyone. Feeling very positive! Had 5 days high fertility and now on day one peak! In theory at least 5 days if not 6 of fertility. Not sure that's good or bad???

Pollyloppy Sat 28-Jan-17 08:54:50

Trying on our second month now. I've started using the Ovia app. It says that their users get pregnant on average by two months. That seems a bit off? Has anyone had success with it? If so, how long were you trying? smile thank you!

TurquoiseDress Sat 28-Jan-17 12:28:00

Hi Polly

I've had the Ovia app downloaded since last July, diligently adding all the info re periods, positive OPKs, BBT

Big fat nothing since then!

Deleted it off my phone earlier this month.

Now stick to just marking CD1 in my diary & that's it.

Although I have ordered a clearblue digital dual hormone ovulation predictor kit.

It's time to splash out a bit, at the age of 38 I don't have much time to hang about!!!

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