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Irregular bleeding

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mrsbarnettsbaby Wed 21-Dec-16 22:55:21

I'm 42 (just!). Ttc #4 (#1 with new partner, he has none). I had coil out 25 July. Cycles so far have been 36,67,14,16 days. For the last 3 weeks there has been some blood everytime I wipe. Either pink, brown or red when AF. AF has been lasting a week at a time. None of this is normal for me. Am I peri menopausal? Am I pg but still bleeding? Should I go to docs? Desperate to give my partner a child of his own. Any medical people who can tell me what's going on? X

MouseLove Thu 22-Dec-16 08:34:56

That certainly doesn't sound normal or healthy. Do you have any other underlying or known health issues? Have you had your thyroid tested? I hope it settles for you. X

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