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ohbigdaddio Wed 21-Dec-16 09:56:51

Hi there,
I know OPKs have been covered time and time again but I hoped for some advice/insight!
We've been TTC for 10 months and I just cannot get even a hint of a positive with an OPK. We started off not using them but as time went by I tried using them in the mornings throughout my cycle with no results. I got fed up and worried I had issues so went to GP. Blood tests came back fine and I am ovulating...but when?!
I tried this month testing in the afternoons. This was really uncomfortable trying not to go to the loo for 4 hours as I'm sure you'll agree! I did it for 3 or 4 days and again (plus morning tests), never got a positive. I know I should've stuck with it for longer but I just got really sick of it, feeling so uncomfortable as well as worried and fed up about it all! So we have DTD as much as possible this cycle.
I feel like we're shooting in the dark though and would really like to actually see that I am ovulating. Do you think I should throw the OPKs in the bin? Or carry on next time? I wouldn't be so worried but I am 38 and TTC #1 so I know time is of the essence.
Thank you everyone x

HungryHorace Wed 21-Dec-16 14:15:53

The Clearblue expensive digital ones can be used with FMU as long as you consistently test at that time. I was 35 when I TTC number 1 and used those ones for certainty. They worked a treat for us both times. Maybe it's worth a month using them (they tell you what CD to start testing depending on your cycle length; I used to start on CD8).

ohbigdaddio Wed 21-Dec-16 14:36:28

Thanks hungry I have used them before and had no positive result sad
Maybe I'll give them another whirl next month. Did you find you ovulated roughly when you thought you should have? I spoke to my GP and she said there isn't really a massive variation in which day women ovulate in their cycles. But I read on mumsnet that it can vary so I just don't know who to believe!

MouseLove Wed 21-Dec-16 14:42:15

Throw them in the bin. Relax and at aim to DTD every other day from AF end to start. You'll catch ovulation with that method. You don't need to do it on the day of ovulation or even the day before. Older sperm actually wins the race. Try it for a cycle, see how you go. No point in adding to your stress!! X

physicskate Wed 21-Dec-16 15:09:21

Are your cycles regular? How long are they?

Most people ov about two weeks before AF starts. What days did you opk? Are you using the internet cheapies? The instructions recommend using them at 2pm.

You could try doing your bbt too! This won't tell you before you ov but will let you know after the fact, so you can see a pattern month on month which might help you predict on which cd you will ov in future cycles.

HungryHorace Wed 21-Dec-16 15:26:28

Yeah, I ovulated at about CD 14-15 with a 28-29 day cycle. I do get ovulation pain as well, so the OPKs just backed that info up.

What cycle day did you have the blood tests done? If they showed you were ovulating, you must've been in the right ball park for about 7 days' after as it wouldn't have been positive if you'd got it wildly wrong.

Have you tried Sperm Meets Egg? That may be one for you to try.

ohbigdaddio Wed 21-Dec-16 16:19:35

Thanks so much lovely Mumsnetters! It's so great to get a bit of support and advice.
My cycles are 25-30 days long so it does vary a bit. Often they're 25/26 days and then last month it was 30. Was on the pill for 18 years (before coming off it 10 months ago) so I wonder if my cycle is still sorting itself out?
I've used Clearblue, Boots and this cycle I tried the cheapies! I must admit I didn't test at 2pm...more like 12.30pm...I started testing on the correct day according to the instructions.
I had the blood tests done on cycle day 3 and cycle day 21(if I remember correctly!)
I may try your method Mouselove next month.
I've not tried Sperm Meets Egg Hungry, will have to Google it.
You never know, I could be pregnant as we speak, but if not (and I'm probably not!) we will have to go for it next time wink

physicskate Wed 21-Dec-16 17:12:11

If you have a 25-26 days cycle, it is likely (but not guaranteed) that you are ovulating somewhere between cd 11-13. If bloods confirm you are ovulating, just try to dtd every other day between cd 5 and 15 and you will well be covered!

florafoxtrot Wed 21-Dec-16 17:43:44

Would definitely recommend temping for a bit of comfort that you ovulating if you're struggling with OPKs. I'm on my third month of temping and although you think it'll be a nightmare and you'll not be able to read the charts - its actually quite easy when Fertility Friend App does it for you... Admittedly its not as exciting as OPKs and is definitely more tedious but if you started to get a bit more of a feel for when you might be ovulating then you could start using OPKs more than once a day?
You just need to use a basal body thermometer, you get them off Amazon and test at the same time each day.

user1482261465 Wed 21-Dec-16 19:24:50

I haven't used OPKs so can't really help there but try not to loose hope! Maybe try BDing every other day (not always easy or practical I know) but don't put too much pressure on yourself. My friend was trying for 6 years to conceive, had a round of IVF (unsuccessful) and ended up getting pregnant after a drunken fumble with DH. It's hard not to stress but it will happen when the time is right flowers

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