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Waiting for ET

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lessonsintightropes Sun 18-Dec-16 01:25:59

I got the call this morning that my expected 3 day ET was being put back to Monday as we have 4 little cellies which seem to be doing very well.

For perspective, we have been TTC for 3 years, we are on our first and last IVF cycle (funded by the NHS, a wonderful thing). We decided before embarking upon it we wouldn't be able to cope with more than one. I'm 38 (til next week!) DH is 39 and we are non-specific infertile - his sperm and my eggs are both fine with reasonable amounts of both. We went straight to IVF given our age and the fact we'd been trying so long without help.

I am driving myself nuts right now. I had 9 follies and 5 mature eggs, all of which fertilised. On day 3, apparently one was not proceeding well but the other four were doing really well.

I know our chances for implantation on Monday must be a bit crap and to be honest we made our peace with this not working out at all some time ago. But... but... a small (and increasingly bigger) part of me is becoming more hopeful.

Any words of wisdom about increasing our chances of implantation, or how to better manage the whirry heady excitement and commensurate lows, would be really appreciated. Anyone else in the same boat? Unless I have a very early bleed/implantation failure, we should find out if we've managed to help one stick on my 39th birthday. Feeling nervous!

Newtoday Sun 18-Dec-16 06:20:48

No words of wisdom! Just fingers x!

MouseLove Mon 19-Dec-16 00:03:08

Positivity. Relax, be hopeful and enjoy the experience as much as you can. Visualise the egg implanting and growing inside you, make it happen. Good luck. Xxx

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