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OH doesn't want to try

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lillypad3 Sat 17-Dec-16 22:41:08

Hello everyone

I started to TTC last year and I couldn't get pregnant I tried for atleast 10/11 months and even used ovulation kits! But no luck..

I have been dying to try again i really want a baby, but my OH doesn't want one now. I am so upset about it

bananagreen Sun 18-Dec-16 02:00:40

Does he not want a baby, or not want the stress of trying for a baby? DH found ttc stressful and suggested just not preventing for a while, he got freaked out by me keeping track of dates and I wasn't even temping or using opks.

If it's that he's now decided that he doesn't want a baby or that its not the right time for a baby, then thats a coversation only the 2 of you can have, to understand the reasoning and if this is perminent. If he doesn't want a baby,and you do then its deciding if its a deal breaker for your relationship. It sounds like he did want one last year so see if you can understand whats changed. Though its slightly worying that you say "I started ttc" rather than "we"

leighdinglady Sun 18-Dec-16 07:20:43

My DH and I were trying for 18 months, we had all the tests and a diagnosis of 'unexplained infertility'. I completely threw in the towel. Pretending to be horney on very specific days is exhausting! Surprisingly the month I threw my tantrum and decided to stop trying, it happened! I'm now 9w and praying it goes ok.
Maybe just lay off the pressure a bit and spread sex out so its not all around the time of ov

Hippychic79 Sun 18-Dec-16 07:43:59

I've pm'd you Lilly x

Congrats Leigh x

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