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user1481805233 Thu 15-Dec-16 12:42:28

Hi All

I need some advice…

My husband & I decided to start trying to a baby in April this year. I had had the implant removed in December 2015 and then stopped the pill in April. My periods returned and have been coming every month on an average 30 day cycle since.

My period in October was over 2 weeks late, I did a PT and it was negative and then around a week later I came on. I re-calculated my period due date for November and this came on que (although, it seemed a little lighter than normal, but nothing that concerned me in any way)

This ended as normal and I had no bleeding at all for around 4 days but then I started to spot a little pinky/browny discharge – just visible when wiping after the loo and not enough to need a ST but still, enough to be annoying!

Anyway, this carried on and I decided to do a PT (as I had one left in the bathroom from October) I took the test and there was a very faint line in the test window – it came up within a minute of taking the test!

However, I am still spotting now (5 days later) it ranges from a pinky/red bloody colour to a brown stringy substance, it comes and goes…it is not heavy or enough to even need to use a sanitary towel but it is there when I wipe...

Can anyone help? Could I be pregnant so soon after my period in November…? Is the bleeding normal or do you think its just a long period or a MC/CP??

Would love your advice!!!!


bananagreen Thu 15-Dec-16 13:07:17

I think you need to book in with your Dr to get a professional opinion. Have you tested again since your faint positive? Some women do get some bleeding and spotting in early pregnancy, but don't want to get your hopes up. GP will be able to advise better, do blood tests, etc.

user1481805233 Tue 20-Dec-16 10:57:25


Hi, just to update..
I did a digital PT 4 days after I did the original test mentioned above, and I was "Pregnant 1 - 2 weeks"

The following day, the light spotting got heavier and I started to bleed properly - It was not as heavy as my normal period but is was bright red fresh blood. I had a dull achy crampy feeling in my belly all day and just generally felt a bit rubbish...

The red bleeding continued into the next 2 days - I then did another digital test and this came up as "Not Pregnant"

It seems that I must have had a chemical pregnancy...

The bleeding continued for a further 4 days - not heavy really but persistent. I have had no clotting and no further pain. the bleeding has now almost completely gone. Just a slight browny/pinky discharge. I'm confident this will be gone within the next day or so.

I will wait now to see when my next period comes.

Newtoday Tue 20-Dec-16 11:07:55

Thank you for sorry you've been through this and lots of luck for your next cycle. flowers

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