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Longest it can realistically take to get a positive on a pregnancy test?

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BasinHaircut Tue 13-Dec-16 09:02:40

Am about a week late and I'm getting a negative.

Usually quite regular, cycle is reliably 28-29 days, occasionally 31 days. I'm on day 35 now and I don't feel pre-menstrual at all.

I'm using cheap tests off amazon

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Obsessedalready Tue 13-Dec-16 09:24:46

My cheap tests on Amazon didn't show even a faint positive until I was a few days late (whiter than white before that). I don't think they are nearly as sensitive as they make out. I got a very clear positive on a clearblue (4 days late) while still only getting squinters on ic. Get a frer or clearblue! Fx for you smile

BasinHaircut Tue 13-Dec-16 10:20:16

Thanks. I've just sat and worked out I was over a week late before I got a positive from these same tests last time.

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Pugsymalone Tue 13-Dec-16 15:09:55

I was 8 weeks before I got a positive ! Best of luck

MomWobble Tue 13-Dec-16 17:42:16

I am in the same boat. I'm 5 days late and have had 2 negative clearblue tests. Everything crossed! Let us know how you get on xx

BasinHaircut Tue 13-Dec-16 18:56:00

Well literally an hour after my last post I started to bleed! False alarm over here.

Thanks all and good luck mom smile

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Buttercupsandaisies Tue 13-Dec-16 21:01:04

I was also gonna say that often going too long can mean it'll be negative - sometimes when something didn't 'take'

All four of my pregnancies showed before I was due on but I was 1-2 weeks late with negative results several times!

haveacupoftea Tue 13-Dec-16 23:15:24

Realistically - even the least sensitive tests from the chemist are 99% reliable on the day of your period, so your chances of getting a positive after that day of your missed period are slim.

Having said that, cheapies are crap and show really faint lines when FRER etc are standard/strong positives. Theyre a total waste of time and money.

bananagreen Wed 14-Dec-16 12:33:23

So pugsy there is the slimest of slim chances then, Im a week late now with BFNs though thats using FRERs so realistically I think I have to believe that they would have shown a pregnancy by now. Fingers crossed for you mom

I did read though 10 %pregnancies won't show at 1 day late due to late implantation and it could be 19 dpo before getting a positive result, but if I ovulated when I think then I'm out of that window now.

Pugsymalone Wed 14-Dec-16 13:17:05

I used all different brands of tests including first response , tesco own brand and clear blue weekly until I finally got a positive on a clear blue digital and by then I was 8 weeks !

BertieBotts Wed 14-Dec-16 13:27:09

Longest time is about 25dpo, maybe a couple of days give or take. If you implanted late, plus have slower multiplying HCG (72h not 48h) and had a lower HCG level to begin with.

People who take even longer to get positives must have extra dilute wee or something?!

bananagreen Wed 14-Dec-16 21:08:01

Will test again in a week if AF doesn't arrive. Boobs feel fit to burst so fingers crossed.

lizzboo Tue 05-Jun-18 05:37:55

I am 37 days late. My last period ended April 3rd. Intercourse date was April 5, April 27 and May 6. I believe I ovulated twice after having my last period. Boobs started getting sore a week ago. 8 negative pregnancy :{
Big question is could I still be pregnant? Have anyone been through what I'm going through and still end up pregnant?

Fdyy74123x Sat 25-May-19 09:24:22

I am 9 days late and I keep using cheap pregnancy tests and they keep saying negative, I have not had any signs of a period but have some signs of early pregnancy. I am always like a clock to my period and know when I’m on and still nothing. After 9 days is there still chance I could be pregnant,

Fdyy74123x Sat 25-May-19 09:25:29

I was meant to be due on last Thursday. Do you go by that date or the day your period was meant to finish.

Whyhaveidonethis Sat 25-May-19 09:57:01

I had a chemical last month that the ICs didn't pick up at all but were clear on FRER. It made my period 6 days late. The only day the ICs evn showed a hint and I mean the tiniest smidgen of a line was on the day that AF arrived.

Love2love88 Thu 18-Jul-19 07:23:10

Currently 8 days Late. My period normally comes every 28days. I have really sore boobs and loads of gas, but yet 2 negative tests ( one a cheap tesco and one clear blue). Its hard not to be dissapointed! But will wait another week for my period before testing again

Laurae1802 Sun 07-Jun-20 09:15:15

I was due on 10 days ago and am usually like clock work have done a few diff brand tests and all have been negative. Have had sore boobs feeling sick on and off and headaches and cramping for last few weeks... completely confused. Have rang docs and they said to wait few more days to see if I come on if not to book a blood test.. has anyone else experienced this and finally got a positive? Thought it would show by now on a home test if I was. Thanks smile

Kelmo2017 Mon 08-Jun-20 10:50:06

I am a week late and I have been so tired and nauseous all week. Usually, I’m like clockwork so very unusual to be late. I have done 2 of cheap test and both are negative. Is there a chance I could still be pregnant?

UnicornBorn23 Wed 29-Jul-20 11:38:39

Hi guys! I'm a week late and usually very regular! (28day cycle) taken so many tests all negative.. waiting until Friday to take another one if I don't come on before then! I hope we all get our BFP but I'm keeping my hopes down for now!

Oscarssmum Sat 15-Aug-20 12:30:57

@UnicornBorn23 @Kelmo2017 @Laurae1802 @Love2love88 what was the outcome? Did you get your BFPs? I’m 8 or 9 day’s late - never been late in my life! Had cramping all week as if AF was going to arrive but it hasn’t yet...confused

Sarahvill Mon 17-Aug-20 13:32:03

@Oscarssmum I am now 7 days late and bfn on Clearblue digital . sore boobs, nausea , metallic taste very frustrating....... any update with you? x

Oscarssmum Mon 17-Aug-20 14:02:02

@Sarahvill 10 days late and still BFN. Cramping again yesterday but no sign off AF. It’s so frustrating isn’t it! Hopefully we’re just one of those people that doesn’t get a BFP til later. I’ve emailed my dr to ask his opinion. I’ll let you know what they say! For now I’m
going to not test again until Friday, by then it’ll have been 2 weeks!

Sarahvill Mon 17-Aug-20 15:01:25

@Oscarssmum keeping everything crossed for you ...... I am not testing again now for a few days at least ! Will keep you posted xx

Oscarssmum Mon 17-Aug-20 15:04:38

You too!! I hope we get the result we want xx

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