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2 days late BFN- What is the latest anyone has had a BFP...

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beckyjones Sat 17-Feb-07 16:39:55

Hi I started the thread CD21 Pink EWCM.. Now I am two/three days late as my cycle fluctuates from 29/30 each month.. i.e one month 29, next 30, next 29... so think it is normal..
No signs of period.. very sore boobs and also have a strong garlic taste in mouth, also a bit like smoking 25 fags on a night out like I used to.. not metallic tho...
Sent dh for test but just poeed couldn't hold it so am going to have wait another 4 hrs.. for those of you who go through this with my near on EVERY month, sorry for being a nightmare pain!

I just wanted reassurance that not everyone gets a BFP before or on the day your AF is late.. and a late BFP can be normal.. xxxx????

beckyjones Sat 17-Feb-07 16:41:12

got have just re-read.. meant pee'd but it looks suspicously like poo'd... definitely pee'd everyone.. !!

evenhope Sat 17-Feb-07 16:52:26

I got a BFN 2 days after AF due, and then a BFP 3 days later. Early scan confirmed dates consistent with LMP. HTH

ManchesterMum Sat 17-Feb-07 17:00:14

I had a BFN two days after I was due. When the decorators had still not been round five days later, did another test which was BFP! Just to add to the confusion, my dating scan brought the due date forward by eight days!!

Keeping fingers crossed

jhyesmum Sat 17-Feb-07 17:26:38

Hi! My AF was due 27th Jan. Still no sight, but have had numerous BFN. Still none the wiser!

Had a pee sample sent to hosp, that was Neg too! Got to wait another two weeks!

colinandcaitlinsmommy Sat 17-Feb-07 17:32:16

10 days late. I had just come off of my birth control as we decided to start trying for another baby, and KNEW that I was pregnant, but could not get a BFP until 10 days later. Scans and everything pushed the due date back by almost 2 weeks, which is when I had her, so for some reason I ovulated about 10 days late, even though I should have been regular just coming off the pill.

jhyesmum Sat 17-Feb-07 17:42:04

I actually have a friend who didn't test positive until 11 weeks I found out the other day (gives me a bit of hope). Everything was neg for her (wee and blood). Now she has a beautiful DD.

fannyannie Sat 17-Feb-07 17:43:12

well according to Dr,s my mum was never pg with me.....NONE of the pg tests they did showed up positive all came back negative - so officialy (on paper) she wasn't pg.......she still gave birth to me in the hospital though LOL.

Fingerscrossed2007 Sat 17-Feb-07 17:49:33

its not uncommon to have a bfn until 5 days after your period would have started.

Sometimes even later (if you look on the preg talkboard there is a thread called something like "can you have a bfn and still be pregnant").

The explaination of the variation most cases is due to the test itself. Test look for hcg. Hcg isnt produced until implantation. Implantaion generally occurs between 6 and 12 days after ovulation. Even then the cells can take a few days to replicate enough so that they are producing enough hormone for the test to pick up (generally 20 micromls).

I hope this helps.

IrnBruTheNoo Sat 28-Sep-13 15:43:27

I'm in this situation - wish AF would just show up, or wish I could get a BFP so that I know one way or the other.

I don't like being in limbo!

Mommyof2butreadyfor3 Wed 11-Jan-17 23:22:54

Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I am 28 yrs old, me and my husband have 2children, and we have been ttc for about 2 years, ive never missed a period, always regular, but I am 2 days late, im having white discharge and cramps ive taken 3 preg test which all came out negative the most recent test I took was the day af was supposed to arrive which was 2 days ago? Could I be pregnant or am I out this month. Oh and every morning, I'm very stuffed up and feel like I have a cold, every morning, but then as day goes on it subsides a bit. I'm also often very tired, and always hungry and my boobs are very tender.

delilahbucket Thu 12-Jan-17 19:22:57

You could be, but if you're pregnant enough to be experiencing symptoms then you would have a pregnancy test. You could have just ovulated late and therefore your period will come later than usual. It happens to us all. Good luck!

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