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Thread 22. TTC #1 - The one where the BFPs rolled in & long may it continue

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AlexiaB Sat 10-Dec-16 13:02:49

Calling all Clomid-ers, Femara-ers, OPK-ers, temp-ers, IUI-ers and anyone else on the TTC Bus.

We are long past cervix prodding (in fact we know where it is at any given time just by closing our eyes) and we have ditched the Gregorian calendar in favour of the TTC Cycle Day calendar. We don't do baby dust, or baby-dancing, we just keep legs spread and fingers crossed (LSFX). We love a baby bomb from a prior bus-mate, but if we get told to 'just relax and enjoy it' ONE MORE TIME you will get a punch in the face. You get kwick-cake if you behave, and talked down from the ledge when you need it.

Hop on board, post your stats and prepare to be dazzled by the wealth of TTC knowledge we long-timeys have to share....

AlexiaB Sat 10-Dec-16 13:06:43

Cycle 19 (22 months) TTC #1 with 2 CPs and a mc behind me
Currently on cd22, 7dpo

Welcome all!

HepKestrel Sat 10-Dec-16 13:34:19

cycle 2 post mc (~10 before then, and a 6month gap between AFs)
AF due tomorrow .....

Hope everyone is well, starting to feel a little festive ....

Kathrino Sat 10-Dec-16 13:44:34

Currently CD4 of cycle 12. Would be 13 as we've now been trying over a year but had some weird longer cycles in the last few months. Not a sniff of anything even vaguely like a BFP so will be heading to the docs in the new year.

We've just been to buy our Christmas tree and I'm serenading DH with a bit of festive East 17 fgrin

EJ2009 Sat 10-Dec-16 14:18:22

30 (dh 36)
Cycle 6
Cd 17, 3 dpo.

Asked Santa for a baby (well pregnancy) for Christmas & waiting to see if he obliges.

Oh and i've made the decision not to temp the rest of my 2ww as its Christmas and i'm bored of waking up to low temperatures that start my day in a bad mood.

Binkybunny13 Sat 10-Dec-16 14:23:32

Hi all <waves>

Binky, 31
Cycle 5, CD8 (although NTNP for a little while before)
Not a whiff of a BFP to date, and cycles up to 36days last 2 months hmm

Hoping this thread continues the BFP run!

MouseLove Sat 10-Dec-16 16:02:32

Oh shiny new thread.

Age 33
Cycle 3
CD 12
On a TTC journey for 3 years, 3rd time lucky for coming off Cerelle Pill, this time, it's for real, I'm never going back on that devil pill. Lost 2 stone this yr for TTC. First cycle 50 days, second cycle 23 days, other health problems too. Waves. fgrin

kwick Sat 10-Dec-16 16:22:54

Alexia what a great thread title and intro - thank you so much!!!

I feel like I have been a bit mean on the cake front - so here you all go:cake cake cake cake cake

So I am kwick - I am the odd one of the group as I am single and therefore whilst I can LS it gets a but cold on my lonesome!!!
I decided during Easter 2015 to start TTC - and after many tests and some genetic and implications counselling and one failed IUI I had my first IUI in September 2015. After 5 failed IUIs I got a BFP with IVF but sadly MC at 8 weeks. I did another IVF in September and I just did a failed IUI. I am currently on day10 of a stimulated IUI cycle. I am 42 so I am the geriatric of the group.
Happy to provide my insight into supplements (all stolen borrowed from a book) and my TWW tips. On and cake

kwick Sat 10-Dec-16 16:23:18

Ooops should read: oh and cake

kwick Sat 10-Dec-16 16:25:13

Hmmm just re-read my post - my first IUI was cancelled as I was abroad when I got the LH surge, so not a fail.

harrietm87 Sat 10-Dec-16 16:33:05

Harriet, aged 29. On and off TTC-er so no point counting cycles yet....starting again in jan.

HepKestrel Sat 10-Dec-16 17:26:13

I think our last bout of bfps were due to kwick's spell...... can we have another ?

Miranda234 Sat 10-Dec-16 17:53:51

Cycle 4
Cd 16

Fx for some more BFPs here very soon!

AlexiaB Sat 10-Dec-16 17:59:08

You're welcome Kwick. Yes please cast another spell on us! fgrin

Miranda how are your opks, did you test again?

WingingIt83 Sat 10-Dec-16 18:16:19

Marking my place. ...

32 but rapidly approaching 33
Cycle 10, cd 8.

HepKestrel Sat 10-Dec-16 19:00:37

your a youngster winging grin

miwelaisjacydo Sat 10-Dec-16 19:11:27

Cycle ?

Miranda234 Sat 10-Dec-16 19:30:52

Yes tested again alexia and it looked slightly lighter than before? I have slight twinges on my right side this afternoon. Not sure if I should test again or leave it for today. How are you doing?

user1471496670 Sat 10-Dec-16 19:42:33

Hi everyone!
Age 38
Cycle 2
CD 11 and AF due on New Years Eve so really hoping to start 2017 with a BFP.
Wish I'd started ttc earlier but I am where I am. No charting/temping or using everything but we do have sex at least once a day when DP is home (he works away a few days a week).

AlexiaB Sat 10-Dec-16 21:40:09

Keep at it Miranda. It can be tough going when it's taking a while. I find it best to compare opks done at the same time each day. I get best results between 4-6pm and 9-11pm. I'm sure you have, but keep them all and line them up so you can track progression. I'm okay thanks, hoping my temp goes back up tomorrow. The tww really does make time stand still!

Welcome user fsmile More than once a day? Wow lol

miwelaisjacydo Sat 10-Dec-16 21:52:20

Feeling poorly here after an awful temperature 🤒 last week have an awful cold. Trying to keep going with TTC. My throat is killing me.

Welcome user

sk1pper Sat 10-Dec-16 21:58:14

Yay thanks for setting up new thread!

Quick question, does anyone get EWCM after ovulation? Thought I had ovulation pain yesterday but today I had a noticeable amount of fertile CM so was just wondering.

Kathrino Sat 10-Dec-16 22:04:03

I did last month (or maybe the one before) sk1pper. Was sure I ovulated on the Monday, got some random EWCM on the Tues/Weds and was convinced I must have imagined it but then AF arrived bang on time for a Monday ovulation. God knows where it was hanging around!

Hope you feel better soon miw, there are so many nasty bugs going round at the moment.

Welcome user!

MouseLove Sat 10-Dec-16 22:04:33

Well this X factor final is a bit pants. They've not really gone big on names lol. I'm entertaining myself by reading other threads on here, it's hilarious, TTC but having bum sex, totally preggers at 4DPO, doing 10 pregnancy tests, all negative yet still feels preggers, cheating husbands lying about their whereabouts, boxing tickets, unruley children, it's all fun!! Lol

Oh, OPK was still very negative today. Only 1 line actually which is a little meh (CD12 today) but I'm having EWCM when I wipe. Operation jump DH is still in the plan for tonight.

MouseLove Sat 10-Dec-16 22:06:31

Pressed send too early....

Yes I got EWCM after ovulation last cycle. I think I asked about it here too. It was about 5 days after. I think it's normal.

Welcome user... go get yourself a username!!

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