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*squinting* I need your eyes please

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Fourbyfour Wed 07-Dec-16 15:38:46

I'm late for af, and on cycle 4, cd32.

I saw what I thought what a shadow of a line so I've contrasted the colours to check I'm not going mad.

I will definitely test again in the next few days but are my eyes deceiving me?

Soubriquet Wed 07-Dec-16 15:40:16

Yes i can see something

Congratulations flowers

Jellybabie3 Wed 07-Dec-16 15:50:18

Yup defo. Congratulations!

Fourbyfour Wed 07-Dec-16 15:53:55

Is there any chance it could definitely be an evap line? There's a fair amount of light coming through from the window behind.

ringaling Wed 07-Dec-16 16:01:25

I'm blind as a bat and I can see something ha ha

Soubriquet Wed 07-Dec-16 16:25:40

Did it come up within the time frame?

Fourbyfour Wed 07-Dec-16 16:32:59

It did yes, albeit more towards the end than straight away. I guess I'm just worried that by contrasting the colours to see it more, I actually just brought forward the line that's there to appear if it's a bfp.

BitchPeas Wed 07-Dec-16 16:35:15

Is that a tescos test? I had 4 days of crazy squinting with them, before I caved and got a clear blue digi which came up pregnant 1-2 straight away!

Mine all looked like yours even when 3 days late for AF

janiPop Wed 07-Dec-16 16:38:07

I can see a faint blue line but if that was me I'd retest in a couple of days with a pink dye test

Elllicam Wed 07-Dec-16 16:40:08

I see it smile

Tibbycat Wed 07-Dec-16 16:51:27

Defo a shadow of a line there. If I were you, I'd do a digital test. I did that with my first born. Did the test, saw a faint faint line...sat 'wondering' for day over the photo...did the digital the following morning and PING BBBBFFFFPPPP!! Best of luck :-)

Muppetslikecoco Wed 07-Dec-16 17:58:41

I see it. Congratulations!

Fourbyfour Thu 08-Dec-16 01:22:38

Thanks everyone. I think I'll do a digital test in a few days when it's likely to be a stronger result.

Fourbyfour Fri 09-Dec-16 03:44:19

I've now got faint pink spotting today but only when I wipe - from what I've read just now on old threads here I guess I shouldn't be worried? I usually get really heavy af that requires two got water bottles, tablets, and the first two days in bed where possible. I think I will test again in the morning.

Newtoday Sat 10-Dec-16 11:39:26

Hope all went ok after you spotting. I had that during my healthy pregnancy. Fingers x for you!

Fourbyfour Sat 10-Dec-16 12:49:54

I think it was an evaporation line after all as af has arrived without the usual chronic cramps, but with a light to medium red flow. I took a Frer test yesterday and it was negative too. Damn blue test sad

MouseLove Sat 10-Dec-16 22:34:42

Sorry for AF. flowers look after yourself. Pink dye tests from now on!! X

Tibbycat Sat 31-Dec-16 09:05:51

100% yes!!!

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