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2 miscarriages in 8 weeks but I have an 8 year old....

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Rose280187 Mon 05-Dec-16 20:41:33

right... where do I start..

from the beginning I guess...

I was newly pregnant (5/6 weeks) It was just a normal day and started feeling a bit Crampy, my partner and I went to collect some furniture, when I went home I went to The toilet and noticed there was blood, I then called 111 and they advised me to go to Hospital, I turned up in agony having contractions and was told there was a wait... everybody else he was in the emergency part was laughing and joking didn't seem like there was anything wrong with any of them but I had to wait and I was last....I was going through a miscarriage, eventually the lady called me and she made me take a pregnancy test and then laughed and told me I wasn't even pregnant, what is she supposed to do? I've just come on my period.... !!!! so sent me home went to the doctors the next day he took a blood test and advised me I was pregnant but I was having a miscarriage sent me to a&e (another hospital) who were much better, they took a test and said it said positive so Anyway waiting a week to find out I was no longer pregnant...

2 weeks passed and all the same symptoms of pregnancy started, feeling hungry, dizzy, so I took a test and couldn't believe it I was pregnant again..

it said 1-2 weeks with clearblue, anyway got to around 4 weeks, was doing one Xmas shopping and popped to the toilet to find blood on the tissue, my heart sank, I rushed home and continued bleeding but no pain, it has since got heavier but no clots 3 days later and bleeding subsiding slightly.. have rang doctor who advised me to take a test clear blue still says 1-2 weeks...

im just not sure what I'm meant to be feeling, i still feel the same as before but I'm bleeding, still have the sore breasts, tired, hungry...

now im in limbo!

Newtoday Mon 05-Dec-16 21:06:07

So sorry to hear you've gone through that, and now again.

Take care of yourself, follow medical advice. No wise words, just wanted to offer comfort.

Rose280187 Mon 05-Dec-16 21:36:58

Thank you @newtoday

It's been so hard and also confusing, I seem to have no trouble getting pregnant but keeping pregnant is the hardest issue! X

bonzo77 Mon 05-Dec-16 21:53:29

I'm sorry for your loss. Your dates don't quite add up: you had new pregnancy symptoms 2 weeks after a miscarriage. This means that you would have been ovulating around the time you miscarried. Did you test after the miscarriage was complete and get a negative?

I suspect that the second episode of bleeding was actually the result of retained products from the first miscarriage. If so you would bleed and still be getting positive pregnancy tests. And possible symptoms. Please see your GP as you might need a scan and a small operation to make sure that your miscarriage is complete. In the mean time, use condoms until you have a negative pregnancy test (to be certain that any positive tests are the result of a new pregnancy, and to reduce the risk of an infection if your cervix is open). Good luck.

Rose280187 Mon 05-Dec-16 22:35:12

I tested negative a week after first miscarriage.. then I started having pregnancy symptoms a couple of weeks later and found out I'd already conceived... mad I know!!! Test said 1-2 weeks... yet again I got to 4 week mark and started bleeding... no pain, no tissue, just period type clots very small, rang dr to advise i was having miscarriage and was told i may be having a period and to test 3 days later, still says I'm pregnant...

Rose280187 Mon 05-Dec-16 22:37:29

I got a negative after first mc yes..
Then all symptoms appeared again 2 weeks later and was pregnant again already, mad I know!!!!
It still ended in mc tho... I'm still having a positive reading though and dr hasn't been of any help, this mc is just nothing like the first one, barely any pain,no tissue, it's just like a period!

Stormcloud10 Tue 06-Dec-16 07:03:20

Hiya, like your second pregnancy I had bleeding and cramps with clots and like you the hospital was vile and told me in not so many words that it was a miscarriage. However I was booked for an emergency scan (my ex husband actually made me go, I was adimant that I wasn't) and it turned out somehow I was still pregnant, he is now 7! I don't want to get your hopes up but either way I would go back to the GP and ask for a scan just to find out what is going on.

Rose280187 Tue 06-Dec-16 10:30:57

I'm going to re test tonight... I'm scared!!!

I don't understand why it would happen twice... you almost wonder if your body has something wrong...

They won't investigate till 3 mmc but apparently because I have an 8 year old they may not at all...

She was from a previous partner and that was nine years ago!!

Newtoday Tue 06-Dec-16 18:27:42

Fingers x for you this evening!

MouseLove Sat 10-Dec-16 22:49:48

Fx for you OP that you got a BFP. X

BoBo90 Sun 11-Dec-16 17:51:26

Your dates do seem strange as you would have ovulated immediately after an mc which is rare/not possible. If you haven't had a scan since the first mc then it could all still be connected and the negative test was an anomaly.
I'm so sorry your going through all this. An mc is bad enough without all the additional stress.

I really hope you are one of the lucky ones who is still pregnant 🙂 Good luck!

(Just so you know - I was waiting for checks at the epu while having a miscarriage and my husband was making me laugh. It doesn't mean we werent heart broken inside. Don't assume everyone is fine because they aren't falling apart in public)

Raiseyourglass26 Sun 11-Dec-16 18:03:37

I'm sorry you're going through this, the exact same thing happened to me last year. Went to hospital and they told me I wasn't miscarrying, I was just having my period. (was 5 weeks) Got pregnant a few weeks later and miscarried again at 5 weeks again. You're extra fertile up to 6 months after a miscarriage I believe.

I would speak to your doctor and ask if they recommend you try baby asprin to take when you conceive again.

Rose280187 Sun 11-Dec-16 22:40:57

Raiseyourglass26 - thanks for the comment. Yes I've been looking into the baby aspirin.. what do you think? Have you had any luck?


Rose280187 Sun 11-Dec-16 22:42:27

Just to let everyone know I did get a negative but am back on the ttc wagon smile

3rd time lucky I hope and if not at least it will be investigated 🎄

Raiseyourglass26 Mon 12-Dec-16 11:28:51

Good luck Rose flowers yes I started taking 75mg of baby asprin from bfp and I had a dd 4 months ago. It was my Gp that suggested it

Rose280187 Mon 02-Jan-17 10:04:06

Hey everyone, just to let you know I've tested and I'm now pregnant again... so 3rd time lucky!!! smile

littlehelp Mon 02-Jan-17 12:12:28

CongratulTions and fingers crossed this time

Rose280187 Wed 04-Jan-17 08:40:31

Thanks littlehelp smile

LaurieMarlow Wed 04-Jan-17 09:01:51

Congrats smile

Lndnmummy Wed 04-Jan-17 16:04:25


kilmuir Wed 04-Jan-17 16:11:49

For other readers I would say can take 6 weeks to get a negative pregnancy test after a miscarriage. I was classed as a recurrent miscarriager!

Rose280187 Fri 06-Jan-17 11:09:31

Yes agreed mine were negative within a week which has made it easier but Confusing a no conception date!! X

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