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14 dpo still no period and BFN!

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MrsRees90 Tue 29-Nov-16 20:00:41

I need some advice. Very excited to be TTC #1 and it's my first time trying to figure out ovulation, best time to do the deed etc....

It's been me and DH's first month trying and my cycle is normally 31 days long. It's now 14 DPO. Still no sign of period. I've taken 2 tests and both were BFN. I'm so confused confused and really need advice. I have been experiencing cramping and abit of CF here and there. Feeling hot at night too?

Anyone got any ideas?

(Also really glad I've finally joined Mumsnet!) grin

Orangedaisy Tue 29-Nov-16 20:37:00

On a 31 day cycle you should expect AF about 15-16 days post ovulation and therefore not really test until that day. I think....! I really hope you are pregnant but you're more than likely just noticing your body and pre AF signs more. Test with first wee of the day if you do test early. Good luck.

MrsRees90 Tue 29-Nov-16 20:58:26

Thankyou for your advice smile. Ok so I will retest in a couple of days and see what happens. Beginning to get sore boobs so as you said it could may well be AF signs. I now realise what people say about the 2 week wait. It's a strange time! Will keep posted. X

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