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TTC following miscarriage

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user1472819633 Mon 28-Nov-16 12:24:04

Hello, I'm TTC following a miscarriage in september at 6 weeks. Cycle 1 TTC CD14. Fingers crossed for BFP. Anyone else joining me for the 2WW?

TurquoiseDress Mon 28-Nov-16 16:21:35

Hi [waves]

I'm on CD12 so will be going into the 2ww fairly soon

I had MMC back in the summer at 13 weeks

on cycle 5, it has never taken this long with my 2 previous pregnancies

Have now hit a low point as my baby would've been due in the next couple of weeks

I had reassured myself that I would probably be pregnant by this point but now losing hope somewhat

I went for it in terms of starting to do OPKs, BBTs, checking CM etc

now given up on all that (have run out of OPKs anyhow) as I've worked out that I ovulate around CD16- based on previous OPKs and BBT pattern

We're just going to try and have sex every other day from CD10-18 and see what happens...

Good luck!

DrRBannerx Mon 28-Nov-16 16:31:04

I'm ttc after mc in October at 3 months. Cycle 2 and AF is due Saturday..
It's been a hard Road and I'm getting sadder every cycle because I just want to be pregnant again and it's not working. I have a feeling this month is not my month either as I have absolutely no symptoms! Fx for your bfp and mine! X

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