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Has anyone had a BFN after af due but then gone on to have a BFP?

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janiPop Sun 27-Nov-16 13:58:05

Hi ladies, I'm on cycle 2 ttc number 2. I've kept a log of all my previous cycles and my cycle is 28 days long. I've not had irregular cycles and have always had af on the date it's due.

Prior to ds my cycles were 30 days and after having him they've been 28 days.

I am now 3 days late for af and around 14 dpo. I tested yesterday afternoon using a freedom test. DH picked it up from tesco for £1.99. I was hoping for a FR blush. So I tested and it was BFN. If I had not tested then today I'd be convinced that I'm pregnant as I'm not usually ever late for af and there is no sign of her.

Could it still be possible that I'm pregnant? Have anyone of you ever tested - after af was due but then gone on to discover a bean? X

Yawninghippo Sun 27-Nov-16 14:01:27

With all four of mine tests only showed up positive at 4-5 late. Fingers crossed for your BFP.

guinnessgirl Sun 27-Nov-16 14:04:14

I haven't used a freedom test, but some tests are more sensitive than others. Wait a few more days (if you can stand it!) then try a first response. Fingers crossed for you x

janiPop Sun 27-Nov-16 14:10:40

Thanks ladies for your quick replies. The freedom test picks up hcg at 25 mIU/ml so I was quite disheartened after the bfn. Just so unusual for me to be late.

SweetMummy911 Sun 27-Nov-16 14:43:56

Me with my third pregnancy. Tested BFN on day of period and only got a surprise BFP 2 days after AF was due... And I mean it was a squinter.grin

BreatheDeep Sun 27-Nov-16 14:56:41

A friend who is currently 24 weeks pregnant got a negative several days after she was due her period. But it never arrived so she retested about a week later and it was positive.

blackcherries Sun 27-Nov-16 15:37:33

Last month my AF was a week late - and it's never ever late. I had two bfns nearly a week apart and like you was looking for stories about ppl that went on to get bfps. Unfortunately that didn't happen, I got AF in the end.

It might be because I've been looking out for it now, but I've seen several people on these threads and on another board have the same thing - AF a week or more late, unusually and with no reason. Not trying to be negative, just don't want you to get your hopes up. I blamed the supermoon smile

blackcherries Sun 27-Nov-16 15:38:53

Sorry I just realised how negative my post was! I just felt like I'd been in your shoes and had read lots of 'this happened to my friend...' and got my hopes up. Best of luck and really hoping you get a BFP!

SmileAndNod Sun 27-Nov-16 15:41:02

Yep with my first. He's now 9 and sat next to me wittering on about Harry Pottersmile. Had a bfp about a week after the first v v v faint test.
Good luck to you !

GinIsIn Sun 27-Nov-16 15:45:35

Me- BFN when I was 3-4 days late, BFP at 6 days late. 29 weeks pregnant now!

RedLemonade Sun 27-Nov-16 15:55:01

Me. BFN day 28, BFP day 30. BFP is now lying asleep on my chestsmile

janiPop Sun 27-Nov-16 18:44:28

Blackcherries I didn't take your post in a negative way. You're just sharing your experience and being realistic. I've read a lot of posts where women have tested negative and then gone on to be pregnant. Gives me hope but I know I have to be realistic and accept that I'm not in control right now and can't always know what's happening with my body.

Thanks for sharing your stories so far x

RaeSkywalker Sun 27-Nov-16 18:46:42

Yes, if happened to me. The result is also currently asleep on my chest!

NetflixandBill Sun 27-Nov-16 18:54:02

My second pregnancy only showed positive after I was 5 days late and even then it was a squinter. Current pregnancy showed positive at 9dpo so about 2 days before period due for me. I think it depend on implantation which can take up to 10 days apparently.

janiPop Sun 27-Nov-16 18:59:25

When I tested yesterday I would've been approximately 13dpo or possibly 14 maximum. I think even if I implanted at late I'd probably would have had enough hcg in urine for it to be detected. Need to stop clutching at straws! It does give me hope though hearing everyone's stories x

MrsG280516 Sun 27-Nov-16 19:01:42

Everyone shows different levels of hcg, implantation can actually happen up to 12dpo so if you tested at 13/14dpo there may not be enough hcg.

JammyC Sun 27-Nov-16 20:22:35

I'm in the same boat as you OP, delurking tonight to post the same question!

I was due AF on Wednesday and still no sign. Been testing every day since and got BFN each time. Even tried a clear blue digital. I'm now going to avoid testing until at least Wednesday or Thursday when I'll be a week late.

I'm dubious that I'm pg though as with DD I got faint lines on the day AF was due and other symptoms too. Fx for you!

StopShoutingAtYourBrother Sun 27-Nov-16 20:27:37

Yes I did. Waited 4 days before retesting then got my BFP!

janiPop Sun 27-Nov-16 20:32:58

Jammyc how many dpo ovulation are you? I think that makes a big difference to the responses because everyone's lp is different.

JammyC Sun 27-Nov-16 20:37:03

I'm not quite sure as havent used OPKs this cycle but Guess I'm around 15/16 dpo. I have long cycles this time around (35 days) and am using two apps to track periods and they both predict slightly different ov dates. Only dtd twice in the fertile window so it'd be amazing if we got a BFP!

janiPop Sun 27-Nov-16 20:50:50

I didn't use opk either but I did on the previous cycle just to get a rough idea but I paid attention to other signs such as cm and ov pains. Going by that I'm 14/15 dpo today. Please post an update as I think it would be useful for others who come across this thread in the future. Hoping it's a BFP for both of us x

JammyC Sun 27-Nov-16 20:56:07

Will keep fingers crossed for both of us! And yes I'll post back here next week. Until then I'm on knicker watch and trying to resist testing until at least Wednesday!

janiPop Sun 27-Nov-16 22:10:40

I'm too scared to test again haha. I'm going to hold out until the Friday if af is a no show

WantingBaby1 Sun 27-Nov-16 23:48:23

My friend did - I forget the exact dates but it was approx 4 or 5 days after af was due and she got a bfn. Then she tested a week later and got a bfp.

mrsbarnettsbaby Mon 28-Nov-16 00:02:41

My last cycle was 67 days. Convinced I was pg despite testing every week. AF eventually arrived on cd68. FX you get a bfp. I hate seeing bfn. I'd rather not test than see bfn.

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