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Any doctors or medical professionals out there? Advice wants about low dose aspirin and miscarriage

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Obsidian Fri 25-Nov-16 13:37:41

After two miscarriages in four months, we're starting to TTC again this month and I'm feeling quite anxious. Naturally, I've been scouring the Internet to see if there's any steps we can take to reduce the chance of it happening again. I've started acupuncture (as thought was worth a try), eating healthily (ish), trying a bit of mindfulness / meditation. Wondering if there's anything else I can do to help? Either with TTC or staying pregnant!

I've read that taking low dose Aspirin can reduce the risk of miscarriage if the cause is related to a blood clotting disorder. My doctor won't do any tests until I've had 3 consecutive miscarriages, which I think is the standard procedure, but my question is: would it do any harm to take the Aspirin if / when I get pregnant again, as a preventative measure? Even if it has zero effect, it seems worth a try, unless there are any potential negative effects? I can't seem to find the answer to this question on t'internet, so thought the world of Mumsnet might be able to help grin

Any advice / experiences welcome!

Thanks flowers

Obsidian Fri 25-Nov-16 13:39:58

Sorry about the illiterate thread title - in a rush! - advice wanted grin

janiPop Fri 25-Nov-16 16:01:50

Sorry to hear about your losses. I also had 2 mc in 4 months in 2014 and researched obsessively about aspirin and ttc. I fell pregnant a 3rd time 3 months later and as soon I was late for af I began taking low dose aspirin everyday even though I was too scared/nervous to take a pregnancy test. I decided to go ahead and take it because I didn't see what harm it could cause considering I'd already had 2 losses.
From my own research I concluded that low dose aspirin would be safe for me as I had no other health conditions.

I told my midwife about it during my booking appointment and she said I could continue with it because I was nervous about stopping. I continued until I was 6 month gone and eventually cut down. I had my DS in October 2015 and I'm TTC 2 and I think I'll do the same again if i fall pregnant.

Good luck x

OhtoblazeswithElvira Fri 25-Nov-16 16:08:29

My friend's bloods tested borderline and Drs gave her low dose aspirine after 2 miscarriages as she was over 40. It resulted in a healthy pregnancy and a happy toddler.

I also know of someone else who, after 5 miscarriages, was given low dose aspirine and had a successful pregnancy.

All anecdotal evidence I know! But these are real people who were struggling and got the result they wanted.

Good luck OP flowers

Rockclimbingtigger Fri 25-Nov-16 16:41:05

Hi there,

I also took low dose aspirin and clexane as I have a slightly high platelet count after a number of miscarriages.

I had a placental abduction at 26 weeks and my son was born very prematurely. I don't know if the aspirin and clexane contributed but thought I should mention my story. I have no other risk factors for an abruption.

I think low dose aspirin on its own is unlikely to do any harm and certainly my consultant had suggested it as "it may help" - and "won't do any harm" but if you're going too I'd certainly mention it to the team looking after you.

Good luck and wishing you a sticky BFP very soon.

Obsidian Sat 26-Nov-16 09:59:44

Thanks for sharing your experiences - all really helpful. I did ask at the hospital about taking low dose aspirin as a precaution, but all the (not very helpful / sympathetic) HCA I saw would say is that there was no evidence to say it would help me - but that they wouldn't investigate until I'd had a 3rd loss! Obviously I'd rather not go through another miscarriage only to find out aspirin might have helped - especially if it would do no harm either.

Seems like it's worth a go. I'm 36, so I'm not sure if age is a factor. Have one wonderful DD (5), and all went smoothly first time round. Now, just need to get pregnant AGAIN grin Fingers crossed for a sticky one this time! 3rd time lucky? Not looking forward to it really, as will probably spend the entire time is a state of semi-panic.. sad

Obsidian Sat 26-Nov-16 10:09:21

janiPop and Rockclimbingtigger I'm sorry for your losses too. It's such a horrible thing to go through even once, let alone multiple times flowers

DrMum83 Sun 27-Nov-16 16:05:49


I've had three miscarriages and one healthy daughter between 1st and 2nd MC.
I specifically asked the RMC this question and they said there is no evidence that aspirin would help next time in the absence of a clotting problem, and some studies are showing it can result in harm. I wouldn't take it personally, unless a specialist advises you to.
I hope your next pregnancy is successful, it's a shitty place to be but your chances are still really good.

user1471874092 Mon 28-Nov-16 09:43:03

I had 2 chemical miscarriages. Clotting causes 25% of early miscarriages. I got tested and they found high antiphospholipids in my blood which causes clotting.

Still TTC and the GP advised to take low dose aspirin every day (75mg). Potentially could really help.

Also take Solgar wild salmon fish oils as they are a natural blood thinner too.

10storeylovesong Wed 30-Nov-16 19:49:15

I've had 4 losses this year and although my blood tests were negative my consultant recommended I take low dose aspirin "in case". This was also mentioned to me when I had my ds at 27 weeks due to a huge blood clot for if I ever conceived again. I was told to stop at 12 weeks though.

jbee664 Wed 30-Nov-16 19:55:45

I had 2 mc's and then went for acupuncture to get things 'back on track' - I was worried as my first period after first mc was 10 weeks long!

Anyway I'm convinced the acupuncture helped me conceive again and am now coming up to 11 weeks. I'm still seeing her weekly until 12 weeks.

I did ask her about aspirin as I'd read about it too but she said the supplements she'd advised me to take (metafollin and vitamin e) would help do the same job as low dose aspirin.

Good luck!

Wombletor Thu 01-Dec-16 11:22:18

I've just been in hospital for an erpc for my recent mmc. The surgeon advised me to take low dose aspirin the month before TTC and to carry on once bfp is achieved. I don't have any clotting issues but I have had several MCs.

Its worth considering.

Good luck

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 01-Dec-16 13:05:26

I posted on another thread yesterday asking this as I've had 2 early mcs and a 12 week mmc last month. As I've had 3 losses we've been referred to the RMC clinic but no idea what they're going to suggest.

I don't know if the reasons for early and later mcs differ. Does anyone know if what they test for or suspect causes them depends on when they occurred?

I wish you all who are TTC your rainbow babies soon x

toleranceofflop Thu 01-Dec-16 15:35:45

I took 75mg a day throughout my pregnancy as was high risk for pre-eclampsia (it helps the artery formation in the placenta which has a positive knock on effect). My SIL took it following two MCs and had a successful 3rd pregnancy. I have also heard that most women going under IVF also take it - but could be wrong there.

There was a study out in the last couple of years that suggested it could be useful to aid conception particularly in older women as generally reducing inflammation is a good thing.

So if you have no reason not to take it (any bleeding problems etc.) which I would have thought the HCPs you have already seen should have mentioned, go for it - but don't take more than 75mg a day.

Wonkydonkey44 Fri 02-Dec-16 17:42:33

I had 3 miscarriages, when I found out I was pregnant again i read some articles on low dose aspirin.
I decided to buy some and took it. That pregnancy was successful and she is now 4.
It may be a coincidence but then again maybe not x

AnneLovesGilbert Fri 02-Dec-16 19:31:02

I'm so happy you got your baby Wonky smile

Did you get any advice from doctors to take it or decided yourself based on your reading?

Wonkydonkey44 Sat 03-Dec-16 11:18:28

I took it myself based on the reading I did. I figured at the time I didn't have a lot to loose x good luck x

AnneLovesGilbert Sat 03-Dec-16 11:34:33

Thank you so much for replying. Did you take it for the whole period?

Sorry you've had such a horrible time Obsidian, I know what you mean about the panic.

I feel like we're in limbo and we have to wait to ttc as I've just had the mmr and need to wait a month after that. Also seeing RMC in Jan and they said ttc before they run tests was up to us but no advice yet on how long the tests will take, if they even run them at this stage.

Before my last two pregnancies ttc was what we'd been doing for 7 months and that's at least a normal I can get back to. Hope I get a bfp soon but if I do it'll be fraught with worry!

Badgerbird Sat 03-Dec-16 12:51:25

Oh anne I remember you from another thread, I'm so so sorry you have had to go through that again, how awful.

To everybody on here who has suffered losses it's so sad and I'm sorry.

I had 2 MMC then my gp put me forward for lots of tests, they all came back normal but I was put on cyclogest (progesterone) and aspirin for this pregnancy by the fertility dr at my surgery. She hasn't told me how long for and I'm waiting to speak to her next week as she's away. Im 39 and I'm 15+1 at the moment so still quite early days really but fingers crossed.

obsidian I've been having acupuncture regularly. Started it after 1st MMC as period took 11 weeks to come back confused. I started with a different acupuncturist whilst ttc this time and took Chinese medicine too. Also did lots of fertility yoga to help build my lining back up after 2 d&e's. I loved a book called Fully Fertile if you are into that sort of thing. Anyway I fell pregnant and had weekly sessions for 1st 12 weeks now every other week. Who knows if any of it works but it helped me feel a little more "in control" of the crappy situation if that makes sense. I hope you find your way and we all have our rainbow babies soon x

AnneLovesGilbert Mon 05-Dec-16 12:56:20

So glad things are going well for you Badgerbird, I wish you a healthy, comfy, happy, stress-free rest of your pregnancy smile

Let us know what you're advised about the aspirin. I'm going to ask the RMC about it when we see them. Need to write a list - loads of questions! Still waiting for af after the MBA/ERPC. Hope it's along soon.....

We'll get there. I'll get the book you suggest. And I totally get what you say about feeling in control. When you're pregnant you have a fully mapped out path of possibilities before you and millions of women have done it before you for time immemorial so you have some guidance. When it all goes wrong life is filled with uncertainty and worry and it tough to know where to turn.

Hope I'm not derailing OP!

Badgerbird Sun 18-Dec-16 11:38:42

Hi anne just thought I'd pop back as you asked to let you know what dr said. She advised I come off the progesterone and aspirin straight way, I expressed concern of going totally cold turkey so she booked me appointment to hear baby's heart and I'm weaning myself off over last week or so. I'm 17+2.

Wishing you all lots of luck and look after yourselves xx

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