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Looking to hear from ladies who came off the cerazette/cerelle pill

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dangle90 Fri 25-Nov-16 07:48:13

Hi ladies.
so due to finish my final pill pack in 2 weeks and just wanted to hear from people who came off the same pill.
How were your moods? Did your sex drive change? And obviously the big one how long until you conceived.
I know everyone's different but I just don't know what to expect smile

FlaminFlamingo99 Fri 25-Nov-16 11:23:02

Hi Dangle
Everyone is different so don't focus too much on what other people had as you will probably be different!
I came off cerazette in Nov last year and started TTC Feb this year am now on my 9th cycle and still waiting for my BFP. Other might people get their BFPs quicker it really varies.
I did notice a lot of changes in the first few months after coming off the pill, I was generally my normal self but occasionally a lot more emotional than normal, quite crabby at times and after my withdrawal bleed at beginning of Nov, i didn't see AF for nearly 8 weeks (spotted for 3days, two weeks before she arrived). I also recall horrible PMS symptoms that first month, bbs v tender and I felt really nauseous and tearful.
But after a few months everything calmed down and my cycle is more regular. But I know for some people it can take ages for cycles to be regular so it totally depends on the individual. Other people may not have any issues after coming off the pill.
Just remember that your body will need to adjust to not having the hormones from the pill, you may need to be patient with your body if it takes a little while to find its new balance.
Good luck 🍀

FlaminFlamingo99 Fri 25-Nov-16 11:23:54

Ooh forgot your other Q - my sex drive increased wink!!

louise987 Fri 25-Nov-16 11:29:08

For me it took about 3 months for periods to return, then I conceived first cycle, so 4 months after coming off cerazette.
I have heard that it can be easier for your hormones to get back to normal as it's a progesterone only pill, and given it's the only one I can take now I'm breastfeeding I guess it can't be far wrong.
Good luck!

mumonashoestring Fri 25-Nov-16 11:30:01

I've had a couple of breaks from Cerazette - definite increase in energy and sex drive, no spotting but my first period after stopping seems to go on forever.

As for TTC, stopped taking the Cerazette in April, and got my BFP in July (don't put that down to anything other than sheer dumb luck though).

dangle90 Fri 25-Nov-16 13:30:54

Yeah I know everyone's different but you still like to hear how everyone else got on, even if I may be totally different haha!
Good to hear about the sex drive though as mine seems to of dissapeared! Your not meant to have periods with this pill but mine seems to show up when it feels like it!
Thanks for all your stories ladies x

Soubriquet Fri 25-Nov-16 13:35:49

I started taking it Saturday morning. By Saturday evening I was in agony with my stomach. Really severe cramping. Persevered through until Monday when I said enough was enough and binned the lot. Within 24 hours I was fully back to normal

user1471950254 Fri 25-Nov-16 14:25:22

I had no changes coming off Cerazette (may have spelled this incorrectly!). I conceived within a few months but has no periods during this time so had to do pregnancy tests to find out each month if we were successful

museumum Fri 25-Nov-16 14:26:50

Three months of bloating before I got my period back - then conceived the next cycle.

SheepyFun Fri 25-Nov-16 14:57:36

I didn't have a withdrawal bleed, nothing until over 4 weeks after stopping. Periods took 3-4 months to settle down, and were then regular. 16 months to bfp. I actually thought I was pregnant 2 weeks after stopping, but it was withdrawal symptoms (full, achey breasts is the bit I remember most). I hadn't bled at all on cerezette, so periods weren't entirely welcome! Can't remember my libedo changing overall, though it changed through the month once I stopped. Hope that's helpful, and that you get your bfp soon.

dangle90 Fri 25-Nov-16 15:01:06

Thank you sheepy!
16 months is quite a long time isn't it!
Yeah I've heard people say that, I'm hoping my mood swings aren't bad I can't remember what I was like before the pill so hoping I'm lucky lol!
Thank you

OldBooks Fri 25-Nov-16 15:12:15

Period came very quickly after stopping, only a couple of weeks, was very heavy which was lovely as I was on my first city break with DH since having DD1. I then got pregnant the week after my period stopped. But I have PCOS so my cycle is strange anyway... I can't say if energy, libido etc changed since I got preg so fast! Quite a shock after 3 years ttc with DD1

MouseLove Fri 25-Nov-16 16:10:44

My first cycle off cerelle was 50 days long. It was the weirdest most uncomfortable few weeks ever. I did just the one test at CD36 as I just wanted to make sure. I knew I wasn't. I had lots of bloating. My sex drive did increase. I am on cycle two, and using OPK to see if I'm actually ovulating and I'm sure I did this cycle on CD15. I'm 6 DPO today. I don't think I'll fall pregnant quickly however since it might take 6 months for my cycles to normalise.

julez12 Fri 25-Nov-16 17:23:13

im cd39, off cerelle 27days, no withdrawl bleed yet. ovulated on 16th of this month according to opk. cant test for another 5-6days but guessing it will take a few months

SheepyFun Fri 25-Nov-16 18:11:09

16 months felt like a long time! But that may well have nothing to do with Cerezette, I'll never know.

dangle90 Fri 25-Nov-16 18:32:48

Old books, bet you were so shocked & happy to conceive so early after ttc for 3 years before! Must of been a lovely surprise!
You never know though mouse you might do! 50 days not knowing must of drove you crazy! I have a friend who is currently on her 3rd month of no period after coming off the pill! Crazy what it does isn't it!

OldBooks Fri 25-Nov-16 19:37:48

It was a huge shock but a good one! YY that the pill is crazy - when I was on the combined pill it took 7 months for my periods to start again and they started unexpectedly while I was trying on wedding dresses blush

dangle90 Fri 25-Nov-16 21:22:54

Oh god really! That is literally the worst time you could ever imagine it happening You poor soul!! X

JoanneF26 Fri 25-Nov-16 21:27:33

I finished Cerelle on Monday, after being on it for the past 3/4years and was on Cerazette before that. I've been on the pill since around age 16 to control heavy painful periods which since I've read up on endometriosis, I seem to tick every box! We are planning on taking a 'relaxed' approach to ttc but I have a feeling this may change. As for CD do I class Tuesday as CD1 as it was the first with out a pill or do I wait for a break through bleed and count that as CD1? I have a feeling that maybe tomorrow or Sunday just with how I'm feeling.

dangle90 Fri 25-Nov-16 21:42:07

I think you count first day off the pill as cycle day 1... as mouse said she had a cycle of 50 before AF arrived? I may be wrong though but sure one of these lovely ladies will correct me if I'm wrong.
Yeah I'm hoping to take the relaxed approach but easier said than done isn't it lol x

UnlikelyRunner Fri 25-Nov-16 21:46:44

Following with interest as I am coming off cerazette after 4 years next month and am a bit concerned that after 4 years with no periods, it might have all built up in there and unleash a torrent shock. Can I hijack to ask about how heavy peoples' periods were after stopping this pill please?

blackcherries Fri 25-Nov-16 22:54:35

Came off Cerazette in March, been ttc since April. No luck yet. I was worried about getting epic periods but didn't. No real changes. Really really wish I'd come off sooner though as my cycles were a bit up and down for a few months.

MouseLove Fri 25-Nov-16 23:13:34

My period was light. Only 2 medium days. No real unleashing of the hell beast. Lolwink

MishyBakes Sat 26-Nov-16 06:43:35

First two periods off cerezette were light and short, but for the last 6 cycles they've been normal for me - 2 day spotting, 2 days heavy flow, 3 days of medium to light. After one cycle of 30 something days it settled down to. 28 day cycle with positive opks on day 14. Have been trying for 8 cycles with no success. Everyone is different though, and you won't know until you start trying. Good luck 😊

charley2016 Sat 26-Nov-16 08:50:04

I came off at the start of July. I has periods the whole time I was on it though, which is unusual, but they were about every 6 weeks. When I stopped I had a withdrawal bleed after a few days then my next cycle lengths were 15,19,21 days. Then the last two months I've had 28 then 27 days with a 3 day period which I'm hoping it will settle. I'm 24 and been on contraception since I was 13 as my periods were horrific so I'm hoping these 3 day ones continue as I've had horrific back pain but not to much else. We started trying from our wedding on 9th October.

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