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Implantation bleeding - when and what is it like?

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adviceplease Tue 22-Jun-04 00:49:12

For those of you who had implantation bleeding when pregnant, when in your cycle did it happen and what was it like compared to a normal period?


mummytosteven Tue 22-Jun-04 01:00:00

Never did establish fully whether this was implantation bleeding or a threatened m/c - a 3 day light period with cramps, and brown blood at 5 weeks. Definitely lighter and shorter than a normal period.

AussieSim Tue 22-Jun-04 01:04:55

I read that most doctors think it doesn't exist and of the ones that think that it does, that it only occurs in 2% of cases. I know what it is like to 'hope' that it is implantation bleeding but have been proved wrong too many times to go on believing. I have a rule to only test when at least 5 days late and to try to stop being so hopeful in order that I don't get so disappointed. Not such a positive post I guess, but good luck - maybe you are in the 2%.

treacletart Tue 22-Jun-04 01:21:17

I was told I "probably" had implantation bleding -I had one largeish gloop of red/brown at about 8/9 weeks from first day of last period (although I think I must have conceived late in what is normally a long cycle 35+ days) followed by a just a very light show for a few hours. It was terrifying at the time but my local hospital were very supportive and I was able to have a scan the next day. I remember looking up every book in Borders and being horrified at the wildly different and often contradictory statistics given for bleeding in pregnancy.

poppyseed Tue 22-Jun-04 01:23:41

I had threatened miscarriage/implantation bleeding with DD (first pregnancy) at 8,9 and 10 weeks. In all cases the bleeding was bright red and then faded to brown within a couple of days before stopping. I experienced no cramps at all. I then had a miscarriage very early on at 7 weeks when the bleeding was heavier and prolonged with cramping. With DS the pregnancy was different again and I experienced no bleeding at all! I hope that this may have been some use to you.

bunny2 Tue 22-Jun-04 01:35:55

I bled very lightly, spotting really, @ 8 days after ov. It lasted a few days and I did a +++ pg test at 10 dpo.

Good luck whoever you are!

gingernut Tue 22-Jun-04 01:53:21

I had it with first pg, I think. About a week after ov and a week before I expected my period. Reddish and light but more than just spotting, although I only needed pantyliners. HTH.

Eulalia Tue 22-Jun-04 02:31:47

I had some bleeding after my last period with my 2nd pregnancy. In fact I assumed it was my next period as it lasted a couple of days and I didn't think till afterwards that it had been very light. I guess I was about 5 weeks pregnant then and my cycle was around 35 days. dd was born big and healthy at 42 weeks.

adviceplease Tue 22-Jun-04 22:10:54

Hi again - thanks for your advice. I am about 8 days away from my period. Around 6 days after ovulation. I has been the same on and off today. Don't know whether I am reading things into this but I am totally exhausted and am in a stinking mood

Freddiecat Wed 23-Jun-04 18:59:57

do your boobs hurt?
are shirts strangely too tight?

malinki Tue 29-Jun-04 16:05:58

freddiecat, what does that mean?? the reason I ask is because I could have killed my dh at the weekend and my shirts are tight and my boobs ache like mad

BatLady Tue 29-Jun-04 16:54:45

Hi, I'm 8 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first baby, my period is due today and I have light red bleeding, I had cramps for last 2 days (but thought it was wind as it felt like that), and I still feel sick as have done everyday for last 3 weeks....midwife has booked me in for a scan tomorrow. Not sure what to think right now....

Distracted Tue 29-Jun-04 17:03:26

I assumed I had implantation bleeding with my first pregnancy as I had spotting about 3 days after conception - think this is the time the egg starts to implant, so assumed that's what it was. Didn't get it next 2 times.

zebra Tue 29-Jun-04 17:06:59

Just a bit of spotting, about exactly when AF was due. Only in 1st pregnancy.

missselfish Sat 17-Jul-04 02:06:29

I had unprotected sex about 3 days ago and today I started to bleed lightly but my period is not yet due for 2 weeks. Am I pregnant ?

LucieB Thu 22-Jul-04 12:19:58

My AF hasn't returned yet - dd is 5 months. I noticed some brownish staining a few days ago. Am wondering whether this is just a very light first period or whether I could be pg. I did notice some gloopy clear stuff last weekend and we aren't using any contraception and I am doing mixed feeding and weaning so I guess its possible. What do you think??? Have also had a lot of headaches....

Bellie Thu 22-Jul-04 12:29:44

Hi - my doctor said that I had an implantation bleed and this was confirmed by the hospital. It happened about a week after my period would have been due - lasted for one day and was enough blood to soak through a tampax - really thought I was starting my period. Didn't have any cramps though..


mummycan Mon 27-Jun-05 22:35:18

Hi - have been TTC for a while. Period finished last week. Cycle normally 32 days. Today had a whoosh of blood - filled a sanitary towel - then passed a large clot. What could this be? M/c? Implantation bleed?


mummycan Tue 28-Jun-05 10:08:55



Still bleeding this morning but no period or other pain

Worriedbev Mon 11-Jul-05 09:00:30

Hi everyone
According to FF ovulated 3 days ago but had slight bleed this morning 3 dpo and far too early for a period, could it be implantation bleed, surely that would be too early wouldnt it. Really worried as dont know what it is. Can someone help put my mind at rest please.

ChicPea Thu 14-Jul-05 21:41:15

Bev, I think you can have a little bleed when the egg has been released from the ovary. Are you sure you got your ovulation day correct?

marne Thu 14-Jul-05 21:52:40

Hi i had this a few days ago, thought i had come on, took a test this morning and i am pg.

ChicPea Thu 14-Jul-05 22:02:20

Hooray for Marne!!!

rosiei Sun 01-Oct-06 09:54:56


New here.

I have been ttc now for a couple of months. I am 9dpo but had a small bleed this morning. The bleeding seems to have stopped now and I have a slight stomach ache. I never have any period pains. Is 9days dpo to late to be implantation bleed? I do have some pg sysmptoms, saw boobs and feeling sick. What do you think?

L x

Sneaks Sun 01-Oct-06 21:02:45

what about watery bright red blood when normally you get a few days of spotting before a period?

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