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When would you start TTC?

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burnishedgold Thu 24-Nov-16 09:52:15

I'm lucky enough to have two DC's but we would like a third. Second DC is 5 months (we've always wanted three it's not the post pregnancy hormones!) and there is a two year gap with DC1. We were extremely lucky in conceiving in under 3 months of TTC for both.

Issue is I am forty in a few months, and have had two c sections, first was technically elective second was technically emergency, although neither I or baby was in distress was very similar to the elective.

We were planning on waiting another 6 months is so, so possible minimum age gap of 20 months at least. However speaking to some friends they have been told to start trying asap. Obviously there situAtions have been different (eg longer to conceive, real emergency c sections) but it has made me question my thinking and I wondered what others would do or whether you would seek medical advice ?

Colby43443 Thu 24-Nov-16 19:47:40

I personally would ttc now. You likely won't catch straight away anyway, so it will still give you a bit of time to recover.

WantingBaby1 Thu 24-Nov-16 20:28:58

I'd go for it now, if you're ready to have another in 9 months and are worried it could take a while (it could, even if you fell easily before, age is a b***h when it comes to fertility) If not, then wait.

MouseLove Thu 24-Nov-16 21:28:55

It takes 12 months at least for your body to fully recover from a c-section. Personally I would start trying when your current baby is 1. As you are a little bit older it might take a bit more time to recover. Of course, if your doctor is happy for you to TTC now then go for it!! All that matters is that you're ready!

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