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Going insane! Anyone had faints/negatives and still been pregnant?!

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ClaireMcM87 Wed 23-Nov-16 12:28:04


I feel like I am going mad here and sorry for the lengthy post! Af is over 2 weeks late, I have tested and got 4 EXTREMELY faint positives and 2 negatives (one being a digital). I have had some strong symptoms such as being very tired, headaches, slight cramps, peeing a lot, nausea.

I posted on here back in early sept as I took a test that was positive but started bleeding a few days later. I took another test and it was negative. I had a mc at the start of the year so just accepted it wasn't happening and forgot about it. I had wrote down in my diary the length of the bleed etc but haven't really thought about it till now. It was lighter than my previous mc and my usual af and only lasted 2 days whereas my 1st mc lasted weeks.

The thing that's making me go insane and my mind go crazy is my flat tummy has became round and noticeable! No diet change, no weight else where, it's there from morning till night and can feel quite hard.

So it possible for me to have not had another mc in sept and still be pregnant (about 10wks)? Iv read that after a certain point your hormones can be too high to get a line on a home test?


MrsG280516 Wed 23-Nov-16 12:56:31

I'd suggest getting yourself to your nearest EPU and seeing if they will scan you, explain the bleed in September and that you haven't had a period since. At 10 weeks you would see the baby.

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