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Hormonal shifts, period changes after miscarriage?

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Mackonadragos Wed 23-Nov-16 11:32:26

Hello everyone,

Just wondering whether anyone experienced some changes in her period after miscarriage? And it turned out to be due to some hormonal changes?

After my missed miscarriage, which was medically managed, my periods shorted to 26-27 days from about 31-32 days.

For some reasons, I convinced myself, that it is/could be the cause behind not being able to fall pregnant after my miscarriage. This months was my 4th failed attempt, which, doesn't sound very bad, however, out of my previous six pregnancies, except one- when I got pregnant in the second cycle- I fall pregnant in the first attempt. (I was 40,5 when my last two pregnancies happened, unfortunately they had a sad end, but I have 3 healthy kids. ) So it feels, that after my last miscarriage, my "personal pattern" of getting pregnant just changed dramatically. (I know, that age is a major factor, but somehow, I feel that there might be something else too.)

I was wondering whether it would worth having some private blood test done? Or anyone who tried out Medichecks Infertility Check pack?

Any suggestion on hormone tests and any personal experiences would be much appreciated!

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