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Pre conception weight loss

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LECBK Tue 22-Nov-16 14:20:00


I am new on here. This is my first post on mums net. Hope everyone is well.

I'm currently overweight, 113kg, or obese to be precise and trying to loose 5 stones (at least), so I can try for a baby.

This will be my second child with my partner. Our first was still born at 20 weeks a year ago. I always been big, but when I fell pregnant I was in the best shape of my life (I lost 6 stone and fell pregnant without trying). But following our loss I let myself go. Stopped working out, and stayed in. Only going to the corner shop to buy the wrong foods to eat.

But am determined to get back in shape, as we would like another child more than anything. I am so excited at what the future holds.

So I thought I would start this talk, see if anyone else out there is on the same journey. So we could support and motivate each other throughout this journey to our much desired goal. Share tips on pre pregnancy planning, and nutrition.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Snowdog37 Tue 22-Nov-16 14:30:57

Hi! I'm so sorry for your loss sad but I'd love to join you on a pre conception weight loss journey. I'm pretty much the exact same weight as you and my AMH and FSH are so crappy they're saying I'm in Premature Ovarian Failure. So while we save up for donor egg ivf I really want and need to get my bmi down. It's a very depressing 41 right now. I don't know how it got this bad. (Well I do, lol, but I don't know how I let myself go so much)
I'm starting with smaller portions and increasing vegetables. Trying to get an hour of fast walking a day (I'm so unfit too it's embarrassing) until I can progress to gym classes or the couch to 5k. Hoping to lose it in small steps so it seems less daunting. I'm 115kg today. I want to be 110kg by Christmas.
Good luck to you 💐

MouseLove Tue 22-Nov-16 18:19:31

So sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how upsetting that would be for you. Sending flowers

I have lost 2 stone this year in preparation. I probably still have another 2 stone to lose before I'll be considered overweight. My BMI is 33. I'd love it to be below 30. I'm actively TTC now so if it's not before I'm pregnant then I've accepted that I'll be bigger.

Exercise has been my real key to success. I've not really made massive changes in my diet if I'm honest as I ate pretty well before... probably just too much of it.

If you want this enough you'll find the weight drops off. A baby is a wonderful motivation. Good luck ladies. X

LECBK Mon 05-Dec-16 07:14:58

Hi Snowdog!

Good to hear from you. Thank you for your thoughts in regards to my loss. Its always the way. It creeps on and your clothes get tighter, but its never to late.

How are you getting on with the exercise. I have been doing some running, interval based and cycling. I currently at 111.7kg. Which seems to have taken some really hard work to get there. I am like wow how am I going to get to 81kg!
Thanks for the comment about smaller portions. I often think that its not what I eat, just that I eat too much of it. But I have noticed that now I am eating smaller portions, I am actually noticing when I am actually full and can't eat those massive portions like before.

LECBK Mon 05-Dec-16 07:18:37

Hi Mouse,

thanks for the flowers! Thats great news on the two stone congratualtions! Fingers crossed you get pregnant soon. Let us know when it happens! I am more active that I was before and this seems to have moved me forward with some weight loss. Just building up steadily.

DailyMailCrap Mon 05-Dec-16 09:11:31

I was originally 100kg 5 years agoand went down to 80kg - need to do this slowly. I aimed for 90kg first then maintained it for 1 month and then thought about losing more. If you don't maintain at higher weights then it's possible to gain it all back.

In terms of exercise - regular over intensity was the way I went. I aimed for (and still do) a minimum of 10k steps a day. During loss periods I added rowing and weight lifting to the mix, during maintainance I dialled it back.

One of the best things about 100kg is you can lose weight by eating more calories - I was losing weight on 1800 per day. But had to review this as I lost weight - now at 80kg so if I want to lose more I'll have to restrict to 1400 sad So don't restrict too much too fast.

Abrahamkin Mon 05-Dec-16 10:50:06

Ah. I'm in! I have a 2yo DS who I conceived very easily. But that was when I was around 25 kg lighter! In the past 2 years I had DS and had some other health issues and let things go a bit too much. I am now TTC no. 2 and it's not going as well, so am determined to lose some weight. I started last week and it's going OK (lost 1 kg so far) but still so far to go! And the remaining kgs won't be as easy as this first one. So looking for support here.

LECBK Fri 16-Dec-16 09:49:29

Morning everyone! Hope you all well.

Sorry I have been a bit absent. I am currently looking for a new job and that has been taking up a lot of my time, but tying to find a life balance in it all.

Welcome Abrahamkin, Hope you well. How are you getting on?

Thank you DailyMailCrap for the advice. I think I did restrict too soon and wasn't seeing any weight loss. But and eating more, yep, lost some weight,

So just to update you all I am currently at 111.9kg. I go down to 110.7kg, but its gone up a little. But over all I am pleased with it. I haven't been very active over the past week, but am going to keep on it over Christmas.

Abrahamkin Fri 16-Dec-16 10:16:32

Ha. Just the kick up my ass I need! I have not really lost weight...or lost weight, and then had events last weekend and gained it again, and got discouraged and stopped the big effort. So need to start again (while remembering that it is Christmas next week!).

So onwards and upwards! One g at a time smile

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