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TTC after erpc

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dancinginthedark24 Mon 21-Nov-16 19:27:50

Hi there,

Sadly had a missed miscarriage just over 2 weeks ago. My second one, sad

I had an erpc and I'm keen to get started ttc again. I was bleeding for about 2 weeks, and have had brown spotting for the last day or two.

I had a positive ovulation stick this morning (and negative hpt). Can we go for it?? Or would you wait till the spotting has stopped?

Thanks in advance!

MouseLove Mon 21-Nov-16 20:48:04

So sorry for your loss. flowers Personally I'd wait till you have had a proper period at the end of this cycle so that you have the best possible environment for a successful pregnancy. What you'll be losing now is unfortunately the last of your miscarriage I think and I'm guessing your body might need a few cycles to calm down and get back to normal. FX for a healthy pregnant soon. X

MissClarke86 Mon 21-Nov-16 20:57:17

To be honest, an ERPC is a really good clear out of your uterus so once you've stopped bleeding I'd go for it.

I had one earlier in the year and got pregnant again 2 months after. We did try straight away though.

Purpleprickles Tue 22-Nov-16 23:12:23

I think MissC is right, I had an erpc last May and was pg again by July without having a period in between. It wasn't planned to happen that way and emotionally it was hard but I now have a beautiful 8 month old dd. I had previously suffered from unexplained secondary infertility for 4+ years so I think the erpc must have given my body a kick start.

I'm really sorry for your loss and wish you lots of luck with ttc again.

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