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Did you conceive during a stressful time?

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BestBeastie Mon 21-Nov-16 17:39:45

Wanted some positive stories!

MC in September - first month ttc after first cycle.
Everything is pretty shit. work stress, on top of miscarriage stress, now upstairs neighbour has turned into neighbour from hell when smashed in our door pane and kicked at the door 4am early sat morning. Drunk, I think - but also very hostile towards us for locking our front door, which is where the rather violent angry outburst came from (?!). Don't see where my career is going and feeling pretty hopeless. Mainlining caffeine. and 38 now.

Please tell me that you've conceived during a pretty shit time of your life? I know you're meant to be more fertile after a mc but I feel like I'm wasting the time because I CANNOT get off the coffee at this moment and have pretty horrible stuff going on.

octonuddle Mon 21-Nov-16 19:01:05

Me! With my first. Was 38, just started a new role with a lunatic boss in a completely poisonous team and was massively stressed out every single day aswell as working every second of the day. My mum had surgery and ended up in ICU for weeks. My dad wasn't coping. We'd just moved house into a place that needed completely renovated so I could even come home and relax at night.I can't actually even remember dtd! Anyway....ended up pregnant....and this weird sense of calm overtook me and suddenly much better able to cope with all those things.
Don't give up! It can happen! Good luck!

WantingBaby1 Mon 21-Nov-16 20:35:47

Sounds like you're going through a bad time flowers

I honestly don't think stress will affect ttc. If you get a decent swimmer and a good egg it'll happen.

Good luck smile

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