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SpaceCats3 Mon 21-Nov-16 10:05:43

I've always had a bit of a bad back but in the last couple of months it's got very painful. I've seen a physio through work and he's not been that helpful, mainly saying it is stress and I need to deal with that. It also occurred to me that if my back/pelvic area is in a great deal of pain, it's not optimal for conception. I've never been to an osteopath but could they help my back? Is fertility something they deal with? BTW I see any fertility benefit as more of a happy side effect, rather than going to due fertility concerns. Finally, if anyone happens to have a recommendation in London/Essex, that would be great!

delilahbucket Mon 21-Nov-16 10:08:51

A bad back or pelvis won't affect fertility. You may or may not get help from an osteopath. It didn't help me but a private physio worked wonders along with daily pilates. It's important to do the exercises they give you though.

SpaceCats3 Wed 23-Nov-16 11:30:53

I do very regular yoga, and I have a strong core but the problems with my back are limiting the practise I can do. Maybe the physio I saw was a bit rubbish, but he didn't give me any specific exercises and only really recommended general exercise and a stress CD. I jsut hoped a different approach might help. I understand osteopathy is more diagnostic and one of the problems I've had talked to physios is they don't really seem to be able to say what is wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a miracle cure, but we're considering IVF in the New Year and as this is the only real health issue I have it'd be good to know everything is in working order (or as much as possible).

Anatidae Wed 23-Nov-16 11:37:00

Osteopathy can't help with fertility. Avoid anyone who tells you they can like the plague.
They can however very often help with musculoskeletal issues. I had crippling spd through my pregnancy and it was only after a year after birth when I saw an osteopath that it started to resolve.
Look for someone who specialises in pregnant women and who has the minimum woo levels. Mine was basically like very vigorous physiotherapy. Two sessions resolved years of pain. Well worth it

SpaceCats3 Wed 23-Nov-16 11:45:45

Thanks @Anatidae that is exactly what I have done, I've found a lady (I'd rather see a woman and there don't seem to be many of them as osteopaths) who specialises in both sports and pregnancy physiotherapy with a 'structural style.' She seems to have zero woo levels (it's all very sportsy)

I probably haven't explained myself very well, I'm looking to make sure my pelvic and back health is good, not some specific cure for fertility. I just figure, it can't hurt to make sure that is all healthy, particularly as we are considering fertility treatment.

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