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Does anyone drink on clomid?

(17 Posts)
FluffyEwok Sat 19-Nov-16 20:49:24

Hello I know we shouldn't be drinking whilst ttc and I haven't had a drink since September but now it's nearing Xmas and it's the season to be jolly is anyone having a drink? I'm not a big drinker anyway but I've got a few nights out and not drinking would be hard work

AmyC86 Sat 19-Nov-16 20:58:38

I've had the occasional drink whilst on clomid.

I'mean cd17 of a 100mg cycle & I've got a folicale waiting to release any day now, Ive had a few drinks in this cycle xx obviously I won't be drinking after ovulation of course 😀

FluffyEwok Sat 19-Nov-16 21:36:25

Thanks Amy what month you on? Im starting month 4 im on 150mg thats the only dose that makes me ov

YouBoggleMyMind Sat 19-Nov-16 22:06:06

Yes I've drunk. Sometimes you've got to, to keep sane. Fingers crossed to you!

FluffyEwok Sat 19-Nov-16 22:10:19

Feeling you bogglewine

YouBoggleMyMind Sat 19-Nov-16 22:11:14

I really hope it works for you. I'm about to embark on my 8th and final round of clomid. Xx

FluffyEwok Sat 19-Nov-16 22:23:02

The doc gave me 7 rounds and i thought i could only have 6! What dose you on?

Murphysgirl Sat 19-Nov-16 22:31:16

Have a drink and enjoy yourself. If I'd stopped drinking when TTC I wouldn't have had a drink for eight years.

YouBoggleMyMind Sat 19-Nov-16 22:43:21

150mg with metformin. On its own, clomid didn't work. I am insulin resistant, hence metformin. I got pregnant on my 6th round but sadly miscarried/chemical pregnancy (4wks, 4 days). I then ran another round straight away which was foolish. I have 1 round left before it's injectables or IVF xxx

FluffyEwok Sat 19-Nov-16 22:46:03

Sorry to hear about your chemical. I took metformin for a month but stopped it due to bowel issues. My hba1c was fine and im a size 8 so im not sure how likely IR is. I have ovulated on clomid without it x

AmyC86 Sat 19-Nov-16 23:18:53

This is my 3rd cycle of clomid. Had two lots of 50mg which did make me ovulate, first cycle of 100mg. I've been in this situation since April, but I've waited for natural bleeds rather than inducing them with norethisterone or provera.

We've been trying since 2011, in a sort of 'if it happens it happens' until 2014 when I had investigations which came back unexplained. We left it for a short while as we got married and returned to it in mid 2015 repeated some investigations and got the diagnosis of PCOS in April of this year along with clomid!

FluffyEwok Sat 19-Nov-16 23:40:08

Weve been going since April too amy. Tbh reading on here clomid doesnt tend to be effectiveconfused

AmyC86 Sun 20-Nov-16 01:17:21

There haven't been as many positive stories as I was made to think xx maybe people who are successful don't want to brag?

FluffyEwok Sun 20-Nov-16 09:37:38

They should defo come and tell us!

babyhamish Sun 20-Nov-16 12:42:12

I drank at a wedding while taking Clomid. I stressed about the idea of if I should drink or not and I thought why the hell not after all the stress of ttc/fertility tests/Clomid I needed to let my hair down!
Fell pregnant that same month so it didn't harm me! Currently 16 weeks pregnant and baby is healthy as can be!
Had a friend who took Clomid too and she was pretty much out partying/drinking the whole time she took it! She has a 1yr old now!
Hopefully it will work for you ladies too!
Good luck Xxx

MmmMalbec Sun 20-Nov-16 17:04:36

I've wondered this too. I'm on my first round. I've decided not to drink whilst I'm taking the tablets and then will just limit myself to a small glass of wine at weekend after that. I was a bit paranoid it would interact with the medication and give me bad side effects.

There are plenty of clomid success stories if you look online. Especially in America where they tend to get it quicker than us with their private healthcare. I have a google when I'm feeling like it'll never work!

Good luck everyone smile

FluffyEwok Sun 20-Nov-16 20:05:36

Ive only got three months left then ivfconfused. I have ovulated on 2 months but no bfp x

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