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Did you fall pregnant after losing weight or better sugar control?

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User1987654 Fri 18-Nov-16 22:11:45

DH and I have been trying to have a baby for last two and a half years. I'm a type 2 diabetic, overweight and 43 years old. Year before last, I was discharged from hospital fertility clinic where they passed me off as going through menopause due to one GP blood test where levels were high ( hence the referral). Next month, they were normal. I was feeling a tiny bit hot for a few weeks but not night sweats. I have never felt hot since. Due to not considering IVF at the time and telling me after I pushed them for any other help. They wouldn't offer me Clomid due to my bmi being too high. I have also had irregular periods. They just passed me off as a lost cause.

Fast forward to now. I still have periods and my sugar is finally getting under control. I have joined weight watchers and not that far off the 10% of my body weight, weight loss. My type 2 diabetes is better then ever with low sugar levels due to this new diet. I'm also increasing my b12 intake after finding out that I need regular b12 injections. I have read low b12 can effect fertility as well.

My Endocrinologist ( I see him and his team to ensure I have a healthy pregnancy due to being a diabetic rather than going to him solely for diabetic managment) agrees that obviously I'm not going through menopause because I still have my periods and rather then go back to fertility clinic, just wait and see. His encouragement and hope makes me hopeful.

So I would love to hear your stories ( how much did you have to lose?) as I am holding on to hope that I can fall pregnant soon ( hopefully not long after the 10% weight loss mark). I can't afford IVF atm and hoping I won't need it.

cheeeseplease Sun 20-Nov-16 08:52:25

Hi. I'm also interested to see if anyone has had any success too. I have had 2 successful pregnancies, but I put a lot of weight on with them and never lost it.. and now can't seem to get and and stay pregnant. Would like to think of it if i just lost some weight.. it would all happen quickly!

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