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When do you know about a chemical pregnancy?

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oatybiscuits Fri 18-Nov-16 14:05:07

I am ttc and still breastfeeding my toddler. I read that breastfeeding can increase risk of chemical pregnancy because you tend to ovulate later. I had a positive opks on cd19 of a 29ish day cycle which seems pretty late? I had an early mc before having ds and I found it really really hard; I don't want to go through thinking I'm pregnant, working out a due date if I'm not. When is it safe to assume implantation has happened? Can I just test on the day my period is due or should I wait longer?

MrsG280516 Fri 18-Nov-16 14:16:09

The only way you will know about a chemical is if you get a positive test result (usually earlier than your period due date or one or two days after) then start to bleed shortly after. If you wait until at least the day after your period is due to test then you might be spared the thought of knowing you were pregnant first. The longer you wait the better really.

A LP of 10 days or so is shorter than average but doesn't completely rule out the possibility of implantation in this time, it usually happens around day 9 or so past ovulation, but can be earlier. You won't get a positive pregnancy test until implantation has occurred.

Welshy11 Fri 18-Nov-16 16:46:18

I agree with the pp about waiting to test. I tested 3 days early and got what I thought was a good line and then tested on the day my period was due again and it was negative. My period came 2 days later. If you were being overly cautious I would say wait until your definitely late before testing and avoid early detection tests, easier said than done though. Good luck xx

oatybiscuits Fri 18-Nov-16 21:44:01

Thanks.. I'll try to be patient!! It's so difficult! I have a gut feeling I'm not pregnant this cycle but I was sure I was last month so I'll just have to try and think about everything else til next weekend. It doesn't help that friends have started to make the 'time for a little sibling ' jokes and pretty much everyone I know is pregnant!

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