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Physical after effects - Miscarriage

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BestBeastie Thu 17-Nov-16 13:52:30

I'm going to the GP about this but I just wanted to see what others had experienced and whether this is normal or not.

Miscarried in early September - I thought I was 9 weeks, foetus stopped growing at 6. My symptoms had tailed off, and, when I got the spotting, I knew what was happening. Two weeks after though, with continual bleeding and finding out I was less than 1/2 way through, I opted for the SSM (surgical management - what used to be called ERPC). This went well according to the consultant and is now 2 months behind me nearly.

So I've had one cycle since, about 2 weeks ago. This was exceptionally light (barely brown spotting really). I thought for a little bit that I might be pregnant, as we were trying, but repeated negatives said not.

We've started in earnest ttc, taking that cycle as Cd1, but in the last few days, as I've approached what usually would be mid cycle fertile period, I've started feeling really odd:

insomnia (can't get to sleep - unusual for me, although in early pregnancy waking up and not getting back to sleep is usual); palpitations; heat (I am so hot all the time); thirst (drinking drinking drinking); nausea (yesterday and today, though not to the point of feeling like I'm going to throw up).

I'm pretty chilled about ttcing - and was relatively able to deal with the miscarriage so I don't think it's that (although I do have stresses at work at the mo, but nothing more than I've coped with many times before).

HAs anyone experienced the same - i.e. hormones balancing out?; low iron perhaps (I have been supplementing but missed it for various reasons in these last few days). I really doubt I"m pregnant - I'm so early on in the cycle, and I've been guzzling caffeine (only in the morning) to deal with the wake up part of the day.

janiPop Thu 17-Nov-16 15:00:22

Hello, I'm so sorry to hear about your mc. I had 2 mc in 2014 and after the first one I felt similar to you. I went to the GP who did bloods and it turned out that I had an overactive thyroid triggered by the mc. I had symptoms very similar to yours. My thyroid eventually corrected itself without medication but the same thing happened after my 2nd mc.

I then went on to have ds and after giving birth the same thing happened again and it took 6 months for thyroid to correct itself.

Sometimes going through mc or giving birth can trigger off a thyroid imbalance even if you previously had no thyroid condition (like me). It's worth going for a blood test just to incase.

BestBeastie Mon 21-Nov-16 17:45:05

Thanks, Jani - that's actually really helpful!

I'd forgotten I'd started this thread - another indication of state of health...

I had my thyroid tested for day 3 and 21, but GP said that some people think that tsh levels need to be over or under 2 (can't remember - my weren't what it might be meant to be) for conception but she couldn't do anything about that because other levels were on the low side but within normal range. I've generally pointed towards an underactive thyroid (but fallen within normal parameters) but this feels like an overactive one. I've also been losing weight a bit, despite giving up my regular exercise and generally eating more. But I will ask for another check in view of these symptoms very odd - I've certainly got a lot on at the moment, so it might be that.

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