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Need help with dates

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Nt2005 Tue 15-Nov-16 23:03:21

Hi all
I slept with somebody on the 19th on September the had a period on the 10 of october, I have just found out I am pregnant from a clear blue digital and it's saying I'm 1 to 2 weeks pregnant is there any chance it coukd be the guy from September
Really don't want it to be as it was a silly 1 night stand and I have a partner

Nospringflower Tue 15-Nov-16 23:09:25

No it doesn't sound like it would be from then.

TheCatsMother99 Tue 15-Nov-16 23:10:32

Doesn't seem likely to be from sleeping with someone 2 months ago when she test says 1-2 weeks pregnant.

Nt2005 Tue 15-Nov-16 23:16:25

Is there any chance dates could be wrong or even a early scan not being accurate even if I had a period after I slept with the guy in september

TheCatsMother99 Tue 15-Nov-16 23:33:37

If the test is coming up as saying 1-2 weeks then there's only a little bit of the pregnancy hormone present in your system (which increases the more pregnant you are). And so it's likely the test is relatively correct & it could only be the guy you cheated on your partner with if you slept with him more recently.

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