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BFP?? Any thoughts please ladies???

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XxxJadexxX Tue 15-Nov-16 08:45:53

10 DPO

Costacoffeeplease Tue 15-Nov-16 09:00:58

I think I can see a line

DrRBannerx Tue 15-Nov-16 09:01:31

I'm saying yes, I see it! And I'm a pro at squinty tests haha. Congratulations x

cuckoowith2 Tue 15-Nov-16 09:07:01

Yes definitely a line there! Congrats x

XxxJadexxX Tue 15-Nov-16 09:18:32

Thank you ladies, I thought I was wrong things through excitement!!! X

XxxJadexxX Tue 15-Nov-16 09:19:23


AliceThrewTheFookingGlass Tue 15-Nov-16 09:28:57

I think I can see a line. I can't make out if it has any colour to it though. when did the line appear OP?

ahsan Tue 15-Nov-16 09:30:28

Yes I can see a line, congrats grin

MrsG280516 Tue 15-Nov-16 09:36:05

Yep that's what a faint line on a FRER would look like at 10dpo smile congrats!

charley2016 Tue 15-Nov-16 09:36:36

Congratulations smile

EmberRainbow Tue 15-Nov-16 09:44:48

I'm seeing a faint line smile

AmyC86 Tue 15-Nov-16 10:22:30

I can see something, but I would test again in a few days time with a frer

MummyOf1Boy Tue 15-Nov-16 11:25:47

I can see a faint line!! Congratulations xx

NeverGoOutOfStyle Tue 15-Nov-16 11:58:11

I can see it!

XxxJadexxX Tue 15-Nov-16 12:30:57

Thank you all for your responses..... We lost a little one earlier this year so means the world to us..... Just trying not to get too excited but it's so difficult!!!! X

haveacupoftea Tue 15-Nov-16 13:02:01

Yep looks just like mine at 10 dpo!

XxxJadexxX Tue 15-Nov-16 13:03:33

Have you taken that today as well?? X

XxxJadexxX Wed 16-Nov-16 15:41:56

I took another this morning...... not even a hint of a line...... Feel absolutely gutted.

janiPop Wed 16-Nov-16 16:01:52

Did you take a picture of the second test? I can definitely see a line

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