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TTC number 2 for 18 months

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user1479140330 Mon 14-Nov-16 16:30:44

Hello ladies, I'm new on here and just hoping for some advice and your own experiences.
As title says, hubby and I have been ttc number 2 for 18 months now, both been to drs and no issues were found...
4 cycles ago I noticed EWCM on CD9, informed hubby that maybe reason ovulation tests weren't showing ovulation any cycle is because I hadn't begun testing until CD11 and maybe we were missing it? So concentrated on these earlier dates..
This month, EWCM and tender breasts from CD9-CD12. From CD14 have been very tired, seem to be able to smell EVERYTHING and had very strange clear dreams 2 consecutive days which is strange for me, then yesterday I woke up with a shocking headache that I still have now and last night had a nosebleed and my gums bled when I brushed my teeth before bed.. I have never had a nosebleed before and my gums never bleed.
Could I be pregnant? Is it normal to ovulate so early in cycle? My cycles are 28 days. I don't have any nausea and breasts are not tender yet slightly fuller than normal.
Daughter is 5 now and can't remember how I felt early in pregnancy.
Has anybody had these things and been pregnant? My period isn't due for 12 days so too early to test.

Sorry for long, rambling post! First time posting!

delilahbucket Tue 15-Nov-16 17:30:19

Far too early to tell. An egg wouldn't have even implanted yet let alone started to release HCG and cause symptoms. It sounds like you are just experiencing progesterone symptoms which we all do. If you really want to pin point ovulation try monitoring your bbt. Opks are tricky as the time during which your body releases the hormone the tests detect can be a very short window, even just a couple of hours.

user1479140330 Tue 15-Nov-16 18:10:47

Oh thank you, I'll try that next cycle then smile

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