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Help! Post d&c and sooooo confused!

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DrMum83 Mon 14-Nov-16 13:07:59

Hi, hope someone can help and hopefully formulate a plan for me and my sanity.
So, had a mmc in May and again in September- both around 6-7 week mark. (I have a 22 mo and one early mc before her, I conceive quite easily)
For the latest mc , I had a d&c 5 weeks ago today.

I have been seen at recurrent miscarriage clinic but all but one test is back and normal. I suspect personally I have a progesterone issue as I have a short luteal phase and always have bleeding before my bfps (except the pregnancy which stuck) I saw a consultant privately last week who prescribed me cyclogest to use from ovulation.

So, 4 weeks after d&c (1 week ago) I started bleeding and presumed was my period. We had dtd several times after the d&c but I'd not had a pos opk.
The period was lightish and stopped after 3.5 days which was a little unusual. My boobs leading up to this bleed were sore but then stopped being sore as I bled. On Thursday, I felt a bit sick and (stupidly) I tested with a frer- bfp but v faint. I should say I'd had bfns after d&c but only on ics...

Anyhow, the line remains faint and hasn't really progressed. I haven't tested today. I started the progesterone just in case. I took an opk last night which was strongly positive.

I'm basically a mess of hormones and confusion and just want to cry. I know I need to stop poas.
If you got this far through the long boring story,
1. Dya reckon this is a chemical? Leftover hcg? Is there still hope this could be anew pregnancy?
2. Dya reckon the opk is picking up hcg or could I be ovulating?
3. Do I dtd tonight? Do I continue progesterone until bfn and risk messing up my cycle going forward?

Thank you to anyone who takes pity on me and replies!

willitbe Mon 14-Nov-16 15:04:33

Wow, that is some confusion, sorry you are in this situation. Unfortunately it is not really going to be possible to answer your questions. I could put the same scenarios as you have given. I would suggest testing with ics again and seeing if you see negative on them still. I know that the new style frer's have a tendancy to show lines that are actually the indentation lines, and subsequent evaps. Is is possible that this is what you are seeing?

I would suggest retesting with the opk's tonight and seeing if the opk is turning negative. If so you could probrably assume you are ovulating.

So I would not say stop POAS, as it is clearly not what you want to hear, but I would be cautious at assuming another pregnancy quite yet (although possible, I did go through years of conceiving very very easily, especially after a miscarriage or d&c.)

Hope things clarify for you quickly.

DrMum83 Mon 14-Nov-16 19:43:25

Thankyou for your reply. Helps so much for an objective brain to look at things.

Frer negative tonight and opk negative so potentially ovulating. Such a turbulent time but I feel relieved that I'm not in limbo any longer.
Sounds like you've had a hard time in the past, if you don't mind me asking, did you go on to have successful pregnancies after your losses?

willitbe Tue 15-Nov-16 12:12:50

Glad you have an answer, hope you managed to dtd an stop the cyclogest (horrible stuff isn't it!!!!).

In answer to your question, I am blessed with 3 children, first two conceived very quickly, then had an early miscarriage, then my third child was conceived two weeks later (horrible having the miscarriage date as my LMP date for the whole pregnancy). Unfortunately despite conceiving very easily I went on to have another 12 miscarriages, three of which were d&c's. I never had another successful pregnancy due to my age. I tried progesterone, aspirin, heparin and prednisolone treatments but nothing helped.

The recurrent miscarriage clinic at St Mary's I was told that hyper-fertility (conceiving every month) is not a good thing as it means that your body is accepting dodgy eggs rather than being more selective. Not sure how that is helpful as it just suggests more miscarriages inevitable. I did try the other suggested ideas of q10, dhea and other things too, but I think it just comes down to randomly getting that golden egg.

I hope you are successful soon.

DrMum83 Tue 15-Nov-16 13:53:43

Thankyou so much. I'm sorry you had such a horrible time. Do you mind me asking how old you were when you had the pregnancies? I just get a little worried that I'm spewing out bad eggs but I'm 33 (nearly 34) so not too old....!

willitbe Wed 16-Nov-16 22:17:43

I was 34 for my first pregnancy, 35 for my second. Then 40 for my third child.

I hope your next pregnancy goes without a hitch, but if you do have to have another d&c, then do request for genetic testing if possible. Though for pregnancies below 8 weeks I am not sure how well this works, sorry to say this so bluntly, but the fetus needs to be big enough to be tested.

I had two of mine tested, and both showed DNA abnormalities that were due to conception rather than genetic issues, ie bad eggs/poor sperm errors in combining. So confirmed that my body was failing to recognise those pregnancies that should be normally rejected by my body.

You are young enough, and have options open to you. However as you have a child already you could not get IVF on the NHS, but that process does help select out embryos that are likely to fail.

Hopefully you will not need to worry and get your lovely successful pregnancy next.

willitbe Wed 16-Nov-16 22:20:11

Oh I forgot to add that the progesterone seemed to lengthened my pregnancies but did not solve the issue, so just meant that my body took longer to recognise the loss.

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