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Thread 21 TTC #1 - The one where all our cycles went haywire but we DID NOT GIVE UP

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FXSkip Mon 14-Nov-16 12:29:19

Calling all clomid-ers, OPK-ers, temp-ers and anyone else on the TTC Bus.

We are long past cervix prodding (in fact we know where it is at any given time just by closing our eyes) and we have ditched the Gregorian calendar in favour of the TTC Cycle Day calendar. We don't do baby dust, or baby-dancing, we just keep legs spread and fingers crossed (LSFX) We love a baby bomb from a prior bus-mate, but if we get told to 'just relax and enjoy it' ONE MORE TIME you will get a punch in the face. You get kwick-cake if you behave, and talked down from the ledge when you need it.

Hop on board, post your stats and prepare to be dazzled by the wealth of TTC knowledge we long-timeys have to share....

MrsG280516 Mon 14-Nov-16 13:30:51

Shiny new thread, don't want it getting lost too far down the list!

Cycle 2
AF due: 5th-8th Dec depending on cycle length

FXSkip Mon 14-Nov-16 13:59:21

MrsG ooft you are quick!

Age 28
Cycle 1 post mc (conceived cycle 5 but was an-embroynic)
CD 22, but have no idea how long this cycle will be. (Last one was 82 days of bleeding, lol) so I am putting myself down for testing on 1st Dec.

AlexiaB Mon 14-Nov-16 14:03:06

Excellently done FxSkip star

BFP at 7dpo on Nov 14th thanks to Clomid and DH's spermies!
TTC 18 long cycles with 1 MC & CP.
Still in shock and won't believe it for a while yet!

Will be sticking around here to cheer all you lovely ladies on! Roll on the BFPs!

MrsG280516 Mon 14-Nov-16 14:33:10

Eeek are your getting a FRER for in the morning Alexia?

Nicky883 Mon 14-Nov-16 15:20:41

Hi all ,
Nicky 28
Cycle 11

Started fertility tests in nhs cd20 blood test done
Booked cd5 test as well on monday !
Have done some tests privetely in create and i hve booked a hycosy on the 25th as as skipper i suspect a tubal problem since everythig else seems fine !

Londonjam Mon 14-Nov-16 15:26:51

Lovely new thread star thanks fxskip

London here reporting for duty
32 (for another month)
Cycle 12
Partway through initial fertility tests

Hi guys brew alexia I'm giddy for you what cycle number is this for you?

Londonjam Mon 14-Nov-16 15:35:37

Hugs starmist stay strong this was me last week brewbrewbrew you'll be fine either way. Keeping fx for you.

sk1pper Mon 14-Nov-16 16:20:33

TTC #1
Age 29
Cycle - uhm, can't remember! don't care too much anymore. But 15 months trying this week.

Thanks skip for setting it up!

harrietm87 Mon 14-Nov-16 16:32:07

Thanks skip
Harriet, 29
Long time lurker (over a year now!) and cycle minus 1 - waiting now til jan.
TTC#1 after CP on cycle 2 way back in February.

Good luck everyone! And congrats alexia!

sk1pper Mon 14-Nov-16 17:48:45

Where are you Kwick?

In the true Kwick spirit of keeping feets warm, I bought some winter boots at the weekend. After my walk home in the rain and cold, I can confirm that my feet are the warmest they've ever been.

This was a cooler story in my head.

Starmist Mon 14-Nov-16 18:23:50

Eeeeek Alexia congrats starflowers how exciting!

I'm Star
Think I'm starting cycle 11
Officially fed up of this crap but so thankful for all you lovely ladies flowers

AlexiaB Mon 14-Nov-16 18:26:00

JemJam it's cycle 18 in total!

Thank you harriet

So I retested with the same brand earlier after a couple hrs hold and there was a much fainter line. Bricking it over tomorrow morning's tests now.

AlexiaB Mon 14-Nov-16 18:27:04

Thanks Star. Hope you're okay flowersflowers

Starmist Mon 14-Nov-16 19:20:48

Someone just shared this on Facebook. I quite liked it.

FX for tomorrow Alexia - let us know how you get on xx

MouseLove Mon 14-Nov-16 19:43:32

I go away for 1 day and you go and get a new thread and Alexia gets up duffed!!! grin Congratulations hunny. I'm soooooo happy for you. X

Age 33 at the end of the month
Cycle 2
CD 10

Negatron on the OPK today. I repeat. Negatron on the OPK. Off to Rome on Thursday and if I'm honest I'm just winging it for the next few cycles to see what's going on downstairs. I'm enjoying the practicing. Chart is looking seismic again this month haha.

HepKestrel Mon 14-Nov-16 20:09:30

Age 37
Cycle 1 post mc
CD3, hoping i am back to a regular cycle, test date on 12th dec.
started this adventure over a year ago, and just recovered from a 6month epic gap in AF visits.

opk-ing and heartrate monitoring.
folic acid+vitd, alternated with pregnacare vit.

WantingBaby1 Mon 14-Nov-16 20:16:52

Hello ladies!

Ttc 1
Age 30
Cycle 2
CD 15
Haven't ovulated yet according to the sticks, but ovia says I'm in my fertile window. DTD today and hoping to seduce DH into doing it again several times this week!

Will be testing in 2 wks time if no AF. Cycle was 28 days last month and 35 the month I came off the pill.

WantingBaby1 Mon 14-Nov-16 20:19:22

Congratulations Alexa!!

miraflores81 Mon 14-Nov-16 20:19:52

Hello I'm miraflores
Cycle 13 (no hint of bfp ever!!)
Cd 26
Ttc #1
Currently awaiting test results from midland fertility (private)
Considering hycosy or similar
At the point of giving up on ability to achieve pregnancy especially without medical interventionsad
But trying to keep my head above water
Thought I might have the mythical implantation bleeding yesterday but have got the typical pre AF feelings. Ovia says I can test tomorrow so I guess we'll find out soon...

Mooseville Mon 14-Nov-16 20:52:12

Alexia YES!!!!! That is a bloody line!

Good Luck for tomorrow but I reckon that'll be a great line on a FRER!

geeup Mon 14-Nov-16 21:10:10

Hi all I'm geeup
Aged 34
Cycle 19 (never a sniff of a bfp)
Cycle 2 with clomid (and softcups?!) while we wait for NHS IVF referral
Slight male factor (poor morphology)
I Opk, temp, take EPO until I ovulate as hardly get any EWCM then vit b complex to lengthen short luteal phase
Tried and gave up acupuncture and Chinese woo herbs (3 mths)
Had a lap and dye with hysteroscopy in July - found 1 tiny patch of endo and 2 fibroids on outside of uterus (they said won't stop me getting preggo)
Old timer feeling old and barren but in good company

bluebird3 Mon 14-Nov-16 21:20:35

Congrats alexia. Hope it's a happy and healthy pregnancy for you.

Age 30
Cycle...22..23? Lost track
Cd 4

Been to fertility clinic today for our first appointment. Have been referred straight to IVF as IUI or clomid not really an option. I'm devastated that this isn't going to happen without IVF and Terrified I won't be able to do it. sad

kwick Mon 14-Nov-16 21:44:29

Such an excellent fxskip THANK YOU!!! I believe you deserve some cake

I think I may have been on the last 20 threads with you hmm

Well done sk1pper!!! Nice that your feet are now nice and warm. And sorry - had to work late (day from hell) and only just getting caught up now.

I am kwick
TTC #1
Took decision to go it alone last March/April, started with FC in May, first IUI in September 2015.
Since then 5 IUIs, 1 stimulated IVF with a BFP and sadly a MC at 8 weeks, then did natural IVF, then a hycosy and I am hopefully going to do natural IUI this cycle - cd18 and still follicle is not ready!
I like to use PMA as much as possible
I am 42 so the geriatric of the bunch - I take a lot if supplements to aid egg quality
I have PCOS and only 1 ovary
We are all in perfect time and it is gonna be BFP city!

bluebird you can do it!!! IVF really is not that terrifying - and I am here to hold your hand if need be. The important thing is you have options.
I always thought any baby if mibe would come about from chukka-chukka but in the end Prince Charming has not come, there has been skance chukka-chukka but I still might have a baby!!! grin

My cousin told me a story last week - a friend of hers was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, so they removed both ovaries only to realise it was actually bowel cancer - which luckily they were able to cut out. She went on to do IVF with her own eggs and now has a lovely baby.

YouOweMeATenner Mon 14-Nov-16 21:45:09

Took a week or so off when AF arrived and jeepers yous have been busy!

Congrats alexia! How exciting!! star

I'm Tenner, 29
TTC #1
Cycle 3

Temped last month, didn't like it at all, really stressed me out and dominated all my awake and sleeping thoughts. So no temping this month.

Going to try SMEP. Anyone tried it before? Seems like an awful lot of BDing. I've ordered some pre-seed from online too, might as well give it a bash.

I'm away to catch up on all the posts I've missed but in the mean time, lsfx everyone flowers

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