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Finally in fertile window, anyone else?

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DrRBannerx Mon 14-Nov-16 09:35:11

Finally in what should be my fertile window this week, ovulation and AF is messed up since mc but this week is calculated as my go time!
Really actually feel excited, can't wait to see if this is our month!
Anyone else ov this week?

sarahboro1 Mon 14-Nov-16 14:41:15

Yes!! Just this weekend if the opk was correct!! (First month using one). Am excited to see if the kit has worked and helped but also don't want to get my hopes up as it really hurts when they're dashed!! 😕 Xx

HellsBellsK Mon 14-Nov-16 15:05:58

Me too!
I should be in my fertile week - had a chemical pregnancy last month and AF was 11 days long. Hoping everything is okay and I will just carry on as normal.
For some reason I don't think it will be our month don't know why.
Fx for us all flowers

DrRBannerx Mon 14-Nov-16 17:29:24

Hey girls! I have been tracking since mc but haven't had a positive yet at all on ov tests, used to before my mc but now nothing?! (mc at three months) not sure if how far you are along your pregnancy means it takes longer for stuff to go back to normal?! I have my fingers crossed for us all xxx

piraterach Mon 14-Nov-16 17:38:53

I'm having ov pains as we speak! Sorry to hear of the mic and chemicals flowersflowers. Hope we all get our bfp's very soon smile

WantingBaby1 Mon 14-Nov-16 17:42:39

Apparently I am! According to ovia at least. Yet to have a firm positive on the ovulation sticks. Have been holding my wee for three hours and I'm busting now! Going to POAS and hopefully DTD tonight. Fingers crossed for everyone!

DrRBannerx Mon 14-Nov-16 17:55:53

Also dtd for us tonight, even if positives aren't coming. I've got a weak bladder at 24 already and can't hold my wee! I really am hoping for all of you x

HellsBellsK Mon 14-Nov-16 18:00:04

DTD also tonight wink ovia says its the best time. I got some of boots ovulation sticks and I am also yet to get a positive.
But going to try and DTD every 2nd day if we can and hope for the best.

WantingBaby1 Mon 14-Nov-16 18:56:24

Argh no positive on the sticks! Still, I'm on cd 15 so can't be far off hopefully. Dtd tonight and then keeling my legs up for 20.min and we'll see!

DrRBannerx Mon 14-Nov-16 19:27:14

piraterach how exciting! Sorry was In tesco didn't read properly!
Anyone taking supplements? How long have weber ttc? I'm ttc child number two, two mc so far so hoping third times the charm! Ttc properly since Feb but haven't used protection in 4 years confused x

WantingBaby1 Mon 14-Nov-16 20:10:38

Sorry to hear of you CP Hells flowers

I'm taking the tesco pregnancy ones - 3 for 2 and about £3 for a 30 day supply. Good for pre and post apparently. I've got DH taking the wellman ones...when he remembers!

FX for us all this month

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