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Shouldn't really be posting...but is there a chance this month could be the month?

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BumblingBee89 Sun 13-Nov-16 16:08:04

Hi everyone,
Shouldn't really be posting because I think I know the answer.
Basically, we have been TTC for around 4 months. Last month, we got our BFP! We were so happy. I tested with digital, non-digital, over a few different days, and they were all positive. After about a week, I started bleeding. I went to the hospital, they did a test and it was negative. We were really upset.
I was keeping everything crossed for this month.
Af is due today, according to my app on my phone. Had some brown, kind of watery discharge this morning. Thought that was it, af had arrived. But I've had nothing since.

I did a test two days ago which was negative.

Bought two superdrug own brand tests today. Tested an hour ago, it was negative. Although, I think I practically forced a wee 🙈 it can't have been very strong.

I've got no other symptoms (except I'm not hungry at all, which is very usually for me. But we all get days when we don't feel like eating I suppose, and it could be the anxiety around it all that's making me feel like that).

I just want to be pregnant, but I'm not am I? I just know af is going to arrive this week and really upset me.

I don't really know what I'm asking. I think I just want some support.

BumblingBee89 Sun 13-Nov-16 16:10:22

Sorry, that should say not wanting to eat is very unusual for me!

Heatherbaby Sun 13-Nov-16 16:26:50


Sorry for your chemical pregnancy last month, that can't have been easy.

Any of the symptoms you mentioned could be something or nothing. It was my first month trying last month and my AF went haywire. Ultimately it was a bfn, i had a purpley dark discharge for a few days before af and I felt totally different to normal months.

Even though it's really hard to have to wait, leave it a few days and don't read much in to anything in the mean time. You will either be pleasantly surprised or you will be prepared for AF. Try not to get your hopes up and don't waste too much money on tests. I spent over £80 on tests last month because I was too impatient.

I really hope this is your month, and you haven't been trying too too long so hopefully it will be your turn soon xx

BumblingBee89 Sun 13-Nov-16 17:21:05

Thank you Heatherbaby flowers I think if I added up how much I've spent on pregnancy tests over the last few months I'd be sick!
I don't have anymore tests now because I used the other one (again, I didn't even need a wee, I just had to test) so I'm going to use all my willpower not to buy another one. If af hasn't arrived by Wednesday, I will test again.

Just spoke to my husband (he's travelling back from being away this weekend) and he said to remember that even if it's not this month, it doesn't mean it won't be next month. Which is a very good point.

BumblingBee89 Tue 15-Nov-16 13:05:36

So it's now Tuesday and I still don't know where I stand. The light brown discharge got a bit heavier yesterday; I could see it in my underwear rather than just on the tissue after going the toilet.
Last night I had blood on the tissue after going to the toilet, so thought, that's that then. Popped some tampons in my bag this morning fully expecting to need them...but so far, there is nothing. No discharge, no bleeding.

I did a test this morning - it was negative.

I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm not pregnant this month and that my period will start at any point. But it's very confusing. I can normally time my period like clockwork!

I have one test left I think, but I'm gonna try and hold off and if I haven't had my period by the end of the week I'll test again. I think if I buy any more tests my husband might divorce me 😂

Heatherbaby Tue 15-Nov-16 15:42:57

Hi bee oh how frustrating! However you do sound exactly the same as me last cycle, the exact same thing happened with the weird discharge. I am usually like clockwork too. Eventually it got heavy enough to become actual AF and required tampons.

It was a cruel trick but we must do something to our bodies when we ttc that sends them haywire! Good idea to try and hold out until the end of the week. I was technically 4 days late if u don't count the discharge! Ur dh is correct, there's always next month! Xx

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