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Am I pregnant?

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user1479039892 Sun 13-Nov-16 13:33:42

Hi All,

I am new to all of this as We just started trying.
Im on the 3rd week of dpo and I feel different. First of all i feel more claustrophobic which never happened Before and I get very hot when that feeling happens. I usually crave all sort of food and for the first time even I dont crave anything.
I started with the period feeling (cramps, lower back pains) and i am also sometimes a feel dizzy. My period is due to come in a week so I dont know if I have a chance or is just my mind who is playing tricks with me as I really want to be a mother.
We came back from
Our honeymoon a week ago therefore im not sure if is jet lag or pregnancy early symptoms.

Thank you for your comments

MrsG280516 Sun 13-Nov-16 13:41:36

No one can tell you, you need to take a pregnancy test.

neonrainbow Sun 13-Nov-16 13:43:08

Get a first response test.

Leta86 Sun 13-Nov-16 13:48:23

As countless threads on the TTC forum will tell you, there are countless symptoms that may or may not be a sign of pregnancy. None of them is 100% certain, in a small % of cases not even the pregnancy test (but logic dictates you rely on that on for an answer).

Now, I am going to say something that might be a little callous, but I'm saying it with your best interest and sanity in mind. Unless one of us crawls down there with a torchlight and a microscope, we can't tell you if you're pregnant or not. Not here, not on any other pregnancy/ttc forums.

That said, I wish you all the best on your TTC journey, and may it be a short and successful one smile

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