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Did I ovulate on CD17?

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TurquoiseDress Sat 12-Nov-16 13:43:31

Hello all
I've been doing BBT for the last month or so, seem to be getting the hang of interpretation, kind of.

From this chart, does it look like I ovulated on CD17?

My only positive OPK was CD14

Since my missed miscarriage, my cycles seem to be settling into 28/29 days long.

Thank you for any thoughts or advice

TurquoiseDress Sat 12-Nov-16 13:45:54

This is my chart for last month, for comparison

MouseLove Sat 12-Nov-16 18:26:43

Your chart only shows 11 days. So unless you can show us your full month chart I have no clue. It would just be a guess anyways. Sorry.

fuzzywuzzy Sat 12-Nov-16 18:30:51

I'd say you ovulated day 16, the previous months one doesn't look very clear.

Do you temp the same time each day?

Good luck.

TurquoiseDress Sat 12-Nov-16 19:13:04

I temp within a 30min time frame each day, never exactly the same time though.

Completely forgot this morning.

I've only posted from around CD12 as I've estimated that I ovulate between CD14-18 based on OPK results, temp spikes & previous pregnancy.

TurquoiseDress Sat 12-Nov-16 19:14:26

Last month's one wasn't that clear- I thought I ovulated on CD15 as there was a spike but posted on here & others thought it was more like CD17/18

TurquoiseDress Sat 12-Nov-16 19:16:21

For this month I think it's CD16 or 17 based on temp spike followed by 3 consecutive high temps.

Plus the sole positive OPK in CD14

Ah well fingers crossed again this month, only on cycle 4 but feels like forever sad

MouseLove Sun 13-Nov-16 00:29:26

I don't think your temps are clear. Looks like 17 but if you didn't get a positive OPK around that date it's hard to say. Maybe you aren't ovulating? I think DTD every other day from CD12-22 would cover you nicely.

TurquoiseDress Sun 13-Nov-16 21:14:23

Yes I think we might resort to sex every other day before & just after the "fertile window" as it were.

Pretty sure I am ovulating as there has been a temperature spike followed by a sustained rise during the luteal phase.

The more I read about OPKs the more sceptical I get. But a positive suggests ovulation will occur in 12-48 hrs but does not confirm it.

I think the level of LH is likely to be low on the actual day of ovulation so OPK wouldn't be positive.

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