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when to test?

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CharllGracex Sat 12-Nov-16 13:12:21

hi smile right me and my partner are trying and this is my 2nd post. ive done a test, twice infact. one the day before my period was due and one the day after when i didnt come on. i got both negs. ive decided to not test again now. im now 3 days late and i usually come on for 4 days so its nearly at the end of where my period cycle would have been. i dont want to test incase i get a neg again be a waste. unsure whens best to test really considering the 2 original negs. i kept gettin cramps thinking i was going to come on but nothing. felt sick yesterday and a little today. nearly threw up last night (sorry for tmi). what would you suggest girls?

oh and i've tested with first response because there one of the best to buy and they work best for me personally. so yeh not using cheap ones incase anybody asks smile

thankyou in adv c

Yawninghippo Sat 12-Nov-16 14:16:19

I never got a positive until 4-5 days late in 4 pregnancies. I'd say test again tomorrow with FMU and go from there.

MouseLove Sat 12-Nov-16 18:25:22

I'd say leave it a week. I know it's hard but if you don't get AF just hang on. I tested once in my 50 day cycle on day 36. Hang on. X

CharllGracex Sat 12-Nov-16 18:42:58

thankyou both!

i dont want to waste them cos first response tests are expensive. and you only get 2 in a box. ive already wasted one box from being impatient. so i deffo dont wanna make the same mistake. still no sign atm and its day 3. yesterday and today ive had horrible cramping and on and off feeling sick so hopefully thats a sign but even still doesnt make me wanna test lol!

im usually 4 days on a cycle so by tomorrow if theres no show then i will have completely missed my cycle. i just feel as if i want to wait for a week at least but then i always cant help but keep feeling anxious to test! im determined though, just wanted advise really as when people thought it was best test

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