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Is this an evaporation line?

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MrsS82 Sat 12-Nov-16 09:43:33

Is this an evaporation line do you think? I'm approx 15dpo, 2 days late. 5th cycle TTC #2 and this month I didn't get positive surge on opk but did have copious amounts of EWCM around 15 days ago and symptoms where all there. We BD every other day from cd8-cd17 then gave up hope but no signs of AF other than mild niggly cramps. I have headaches, bloating and feel a little 'spaced out' or not quite myself but really don't want to get my hopes up. It's a supermarket own test with the + positive results.

CottonSock Sat 12-Nov-16 09:47:47

Looks good to me, try a first response test

pinkpostitnote Sat 12-Nov-16 10:11:56

That looks hugely positive!

MrsBellefleur Sat 12-Nov-16 10:13:28

If it came up within the timescales I would say it's a positive.

AmyC86 Sat 12-Nov-16 11:42:23

That's positive but best to do a first response test

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Sat 12-Nov-16 11:44:42

Is it supposed to be a cross in the window or just that one line?

If it's that one line then that's positive, if it's meant to be a cross I'm not seeing it at all. Sorry.

MrsS82 Sat 12-Nov-16 14:03:41

It's a + albeit very faint. Is anyone else not seeing the + ? I've bought a double pack clear blue one with digital date one without, wondering if I should wait for fmu or hold for 4 hours and try today?

gaggiagirl Sat 12-Nov-16 14:08:29

Don't pee on your digital one for a few days yet. They require a fair bit of hcg to get a positive result. They really aren't very sensitive.
Pink dye tests are much more reliable as they don't have that evap line problem.
I would say that's a positive though congratulations x

MissClarke86 Sat 12-Nov-16 15:28:44

I found my digi was sensitive and gave me a positive at a similar time to a FRER.

If you can get to a Boots or somewhere that sells FRER do that, otherwise I'd just pee on the digi anyway - but don't be scared if it says negative and be willing to spend more ££ in a few days.

FRERs are really clear to see.

haveacupoftea Sat 12-Nov-16 15:40:27

There is a blue line, it looks skinny though so could be an evap although its hard to say. Ive attached pics of my Tesco early positives to help you compare. I second trying a FRER.

MrsS82 Sat 12-Nov-16 16:15:16

I've found a pink dye one in the cupboard so I'm holding fluids and will test in a couple hours. The line is quite skim and not quite centre so I'm really trying not to get my hopes up but this happened with my son, 1 day late and the almost invisible positive just as I went to throw it away so fingers crossed.

MrsS82 Sat 12-Nov-16 18:53:15

Well I took the pink dye supermarket cheapie and had to pull it apart and almost naked to the invisible eye is a faint line, I have bad eye sight but even DH agrees it's there. It's so faint though that I'm not getting my hopes up and don't want to say BFP until I take the digital. I'll take another in the morning to check then digital Monday dependant on tomorrow's.

DrRBannerx Sat 12-Nov-16 19:50:26

I think that's positive! Try with a pink dye test so you don't get the light blue positive and light grey evap lines confused x

theaveragewife Sat 12-Nov-16 19:53:02

Looks positive to me too!! When I tested with pink dye a white line came up 3 days before the pink line did, I think any line on those is more positive.

MrsS82 Tue 15-Nov-16 14:51:36

Thank you for all your replies, it was in fact positive but I was concerned about the levels at 15dpo compared with my DS tests. Anyway something didn't feel right and on Sunday night I started bleeding. Doctor advised its an early miscarriage at 4.5 weeks, it's been a long 5 months for it to come to this but when we're ready and my body has recovered we'll try again.

gaggiagirl Tue 15-Nov-16 23:08:23

I am sorry you had bad news. How are you feeling?

MrsS82 Wed 16-Nov-16 11:39:32

At the moment I'm just a little numb. I tried not to get my hopes up but the short timeframe between bfp and bleeding has been a whole mix of emotions. Still achy but the bleeding seems to have stopped quite quickly which is a blessing as it was just a constant reminder.

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