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Can anyone see a line

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user1478353766 Wed 09-Nov-16 16:40:06

Ignore the red bits on the test, I used a marker to mark where the line was and accidentally got it on the test

Alb1 Wed 09-Nov-16 16:43:57

I really can't see anything sorry

TheCatsMother99 Wed 09-Nov-16 16:58:51

Sorry, I can't see anything.

LauraK1987 Wed 09-Nov-16 17:34:35

I can't see anything either

user1478353766 Wed 09-Nov-16 18:08:46

It always looks so obvious in real life but as soon as you take a picture there's never anything there angry

ahsan Wed 09-Nov-16 18:13:27

I think I can see something but it's very faint 😊

LauraK1987 Wed 09-Nov-16 18:35:00

How early/Kate are you for af

user1478353766 Wed 09-Nov-16 18:39:50

No idea, I don't have regular periods yet after coming off the depo but the doctor says just keep trying

Spam88 Wed 09-Nov-16 18:53:29

I think I can maybe see a faint line, but the red dots are throwing me off a bit.

LauraK1987 Wed 09-Nov-16 20:20:23

Sorry that meant to say late!!! Maybe give it a couple days and then test again if af still hasn't arrived?

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