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Late period-BFN

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user1471847672 Wed 09-Nov-16 15:12:46

Hi, just looking for some answers or advice really as I'm driving myself mad thinking I may/may not be pregnant. I'll start at the beginning of my issues.

So me & my husband are trying to conceive. I stopped taking my contraceptive pill in May so approx 6 months ago & my periods have been every 35 days spot on & lasting around 5 days since. Last month my period only lasted three, was very heavy day one with jelly like discharge in there & then barely there day 2-3. That was 28th-30th September. So technically I should of been due my period November 1st. We're now November 9th & it's a no show still. Obviously I got very excited & took a test Nov 2nd but bfn. Same Nov 5th & again today Nov 9th still bfn. So now I'm confused. Here's my symptoms -really painful nipples, like super sensitive, sharp shooting pains in vagina area & boobs, really bad headaches, my sense of smell seems to be increased & I just feel different if that can even be a symptom. However on Saturday 5th things went a little funny. I woke up & felt like I'd been hit by a bus. I ached all over, could hardly walk, felt sick, head ache, basically the flu without the cough or cold. This continued to Sunday & I went to the out of hours service. The doctor asked if I could be pregnant I said maybe he said he'd test my urine, he dip tested it & it was positive for cystitis & then poured it away. I asked if he had done the pregnancy test & he apologised he forgot but I could do another irons sample of I wanted I just took the antibiotics & said not to worry if test myself again at home in a few days. Well it's now Wednesday I've tested at home again & still bfn but no period either. Still got all the symptoms mentioned above although I don't feel like I have the flu anymore.

Anyone who has had similar experiences or can shed any light on my situation I'd be grateful! I'm going out my mind thinking I'm pregnant but then I have nothing to back it up so I'm becoming more disheartened every negative result. I just wish I'd get a bfp or my period. Either way if know what was going on with my body!! Thanks in advance x

user1471847672 Wed 09-Nov-16 15:14:20

*urine sample not irons sample!!

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