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Best ovulation test sticks?!

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ellie333 Wed 09-Nov-16 00:12:34

So my periods been very late two months in a row, for no real reason, im waiting to see if its late again this month and if so i'll be going to drs.. But wanting to check im actually ovulating... Would ovulation test strips trll me that?! And if so which brand? Best accuracy and value for money please

keepingfaithxx Wed 09-Nov-16 12:39:23

I use the amazon cheapies smile I think I get 30 fir a fiver and I always get a clear positive smile

ellie333 Wed 09-Nov-16 13:47:18

Great! Thank u! Wasnt sure if it payed getting a more branded batch! Will go with the cheaper! :-)

ellie333 Wed 09-Nov-16 13:48:20

How often do u test? X

keepingfaithxx Wed 09-Nov-16 14:23:58

Well it depends on cycle length typically I'm a 28 day cycle but can also have 26 or 30 day cycle so I test once a day until cycle day 12 and then twice a day until I get my surge... obviously got you because of the way your periods are I'd test twice a day from cycle day 10 smile

ellie333 Wed 09-Nov-16 20:52:17

Ok i'll try that! Just ordered a load of strips so fingers crossed they show im ovulating fine!! Thanks for the advise!

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