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Have I missed my window ???

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Rainydayzandmondays13 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:21:04

I feel like crying. Have been taking OPKs for the past 3 or 4 days now. Idiot I am read them, saw only one line, and chucked them away. Clearly I was too quick and should have kept them out longer.

The very top one is today (just started af today). The rest are in a random order as I fished them out of the bin, so no idea when they were taken. I'm worried now that I ovulated and we didn't have sex or I am gonna have it on my period. Going a little crazy lol

Writerwannabe83 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:22:27

How many times a day were you testing as none of those are positive anyway?

Rainydayzandmondays13 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:26:21

Oh thank God for that lol about 2 sometimes 3. Came off depo so periods are erratic hence the multitude of tests lol

Bloody taught me a lesson though

Rainydayzandmondays13 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:27:22

It's the one under today's that got me worried as it's darker than the others

MrsG280516 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:30:49

You need to do them at the same time each day to be able to compare. When you get a second line that is as dark as or darker than the control line then it's positive. You can do more than one a day to ensure you don't miss the surge but I'd only do that when they're getting almost as dark as the control line.

Rainydayzandmondays13 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:36:17

Thank you my mind is now eased and heart has stopped racing lol. Will try not to be too over eager and do one each day. Sorry to be annoying and dumb btw. Just my first time that's all

Writerwannabe83 Tue 08-Nov-16 22:50:14

I was testing 2-3 times a day too from around 7 days after my period had finished. One day I went from a really, really pale second line to a blazing strong positive line in about 6 hours.

Attached is my picture of my latest positive OPK so you can see how strong the second line has to be in order for the test to be positive. The test line has to be identically strong in colour, or stronger, than the control line.

Rainydayzandmondays13 Tue 08-Nov-16 23:26:36

That's brilliant thank you. Yeah I can see just how far away from a positive mine are. I just got so worried it was going to happen during af.
So addictive as well lol

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