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Depo-Provera Advice needed

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Bongo100 Tue 08-Nov-16 17:39:05

I had my injection in May and stupidly expected my period to start after the three months were up but still no sign. Now I have noticed my stomach has bloated so much I look like I'm in the beginning stages of pregnancy (I'm not) and I can't do anything to get rid of it. I've also experienced some crazy hormonal PMT moods. I really miss having a regular cycle and the more I read about this contraceptive method the more I'm getting worried. It is different for everyone of course but sometimes it takes over a year to get your period again I hear. I'm desperate to get back to normal and I wonder if anyone can suggest anything to kick start it? I read that the bloating could be due to too much oestrogen as the body tries to motivate the reproductive system which sounds plausible.

HungryHorace Tue 08-Nov-16 17:49:54

I went onto the pill for 3 months when I came off Depo and got breakthrough bleeds straight away. When I came off the pill I then had 'normal' periods, albeit with a vaguely erratic cycle. I was pregnant 10 months after my last injection (7 months after it ran out).

I'm not sure if I kickstarted my cycle or was just lucky, however.

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