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TTC - OPK advice - especially if you've used SMEP

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MissElphabaThropp Tue 08-Nov-16 13:31:05

I feel like I should have fitted some more acronyms in that thread title. Anyway, we've been TTC no 2 since May with no luck thus far. It's not too much of a worry (I say this glaring at the calendar with my impending 40th) but I'd like to get a bit more organised this month.

I'm going to have a bash at the SMEP idea of sex every other day until you get a positive OPK then every day until the surge finishes. However, the recommendations of OPK bundles I've found are US based - does anyone have a rec for somewhere - Ebay or Amazon would be fine to get cheapish ones.

Also, if you've used the idea of SMEP, or similar - how did you find it? I don't want things to become too calculated (I say this with dates already in the planner blush )

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