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Positive opk day of temp rise/CM drying up?

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ricepolo Tue 08-Nov-16 09:34:21

Am getting back to normal post-BF so have no real idea where I am in my cycle.

I started temping Sunday morning to try to shed some light. On Monday I got a much lower temperature. Then today it's gone back up (not super high but high enough to potentially be a post-O temp).

I took an opk yesterday since I felt some cramping and had fertile CM. It was almost positive. I took one later (midday ish) which wasn't as positive but I'd had quite a bit to drink.

My CM dried up yesterday and got creamy/sticky. Cervix also come down. So I assumed I'd ovulated and had caught the end of the surge.

Today I took another opk with fmu and it's come back very positive (darker than the test line). But I have no CM and what I assume to be a temp rise (although I know I need two more to confirm ovulation), so I honestly can't believe I'll be ovulating today/tomorrow.

So my question is this. Can you ovulate and then get a positive opk? Could I just be catching the end of the surge now? I can't dtd today since DH is away with work until Friday!

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