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Menopausal at 26..

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RvG2014 Mon 07-Nov-16 20:02:09

Ok so.. Back story. Diagnosis of Endometriosis in 2013. Was placed into a chemically induced menopause (Prostap injection) in January. All was fine, pain went from a daily 6/10 to niggles occasionally. No periods since January.

I was started on HRT at the beginning of September - I lasted 3 weeks. HRT left me in pain again and mentally quite unstable. I stopped HRT by the end of September.

In the last few weeks I've done nothing but sleep. I feel totally drained, washed out, bloated, sore boobs and now a raging cold. I've also had spotting after sex at the weekend...

Is this down to the menopause or has my body decided to throw something else into the mix..?

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