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ARGC Immune testing

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LidiM Mon 07-Nov-16 17:18:06

Hi All, Just looking for any advice / experience. I have just completed the monitoring cycle at ARGC, after wondering whether to do the Immune blood tests we went ahead and did them, I have just received the results back and my Cytokine level is high at 51.2. I have been reading about Humeria treatment and how sometimes it can cause the levels to rise higher, and I might have to have more than 2 injections which increases the price again. I was upset to learn my level was so high as im desperate to get started on the next round, as I feel I am treading water and in complete limbo at the moment. Has anyone else had such a high level and had success after being treated with Humeria. I have done one round of Mild IVF at Create fertility and they were brilliant, very calm enviroment. Whilst under going treatment with Create which did not result in a pregnancy and a disappointing amount of Eggs collected only 3 and one fertilised, we had thought my husbands 1% morphology was the problem, I am now learning I am contributing to the difficulty in conceiving. My last question is does anyone have any insight into the experience at ARGC? I'm now wondering if I can handle the chaotic environment at ARGC as it does seem very hectic. Thank you in advance for any experiences or advice xx

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