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TTC and 23 days late

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bean1984 Mon 07-Nov-16 14:31:24

Hi Everyone
I'm brand new to this but feel I need to talk to someone. I'm 32 TTC with mild PCOS. I always have a cycle on average of 34 days, twice in the past 3 years its been in the 40s but never more, and I always have a period. In fact I've never missed in 20 years! I know I ovulated this month, but now I'm on day 54 of my cycle and no sign of AF. I'm not on any meds at all, and nothing has changed in my life... No stress, weight loss/gain, diet changes, exercise changes etc. I have lots of sign of early pregnancy but 4 negative tests so far. I'm booked in for an HCG blood test tomorrow as need answers and the not knowing is driving me insane. Sometimes I think the symptoms are all in my head but yesterday I just burst in to tears over the most trivial thing and that's very unlike me. Has anyone else been in this situation before?

Phoenix76 Mon 07-Nov-16 22:24:24

Hello Bean! Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow. I never want to get anyone's hopes up but, from all you have said and assuming you dtd around ovulation, there is certainly a chance you are pregnant. I get what you're saying about the bursting into tears thing, I managed to humiliate myself with that! I didn't know I was pregnant with dd1, my boss gave me a telling off about something ( which wasn't my fault and proved - another story!) and what did I do? Did I give my usual professional emotionally detached well worded response? No! I burst into tears! Again good luck and please keep us posted.

bean1984 Tue 08-Nov-16 09:44:47

Thanks Phoenix. Its hard to not get hopes as never missed AF before but also being realistic. I think maybe more worried about what the prob may be if I don't get BFP?? Blood has been taken and still no sign of AF. Got docs appointment on Thurs PM so should know more then. Def dtd around ovulation, been tracking it by peeing on sticks and monitoring cm and I generally just have a feeling when it happens. Anyway, keep everything crossed! Will keep you posted. If BFN I've already decided I'm going to ask for US scan of ovaries and uterus to check alls well and also full hormone screen and referral back to endocrine unit.... Yawn....

bean1984 Tue 08-Nov-16 12:15:31

So...AF just turned up! Back to the start....

Phoenix76 Tue 08-Nov-16 12:22:39

Ok don't panic! It took me almost a year to conceive. Keep taking your folic acid and it might be worth looking into taking Ubiquinol qc10 ( Google Ubiquinol and fertility), I got pregnant within a month of taking them, could be a coincidence but my instinct says not! Prepare yourself for a few more false alarms along the way but it will be worth it when you get your bfp! Thank you for keeping us updated and do keep in touch!

bean1984 Tue 08-Nov-16 12:40:30

Thanks Phoenix. I'll check it out. Bit bummed out now but I'll be ok! I'm sure I'll be posting a lot in the conception pages until BFP happens. Good to know I've got some support out there! Thanks! x

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