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Period 1 week late but 2 BFNs - what does it all mean

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blackcherries Sun 06-Nov-16 22:25:31

I've gone on about this on other threads but wanted thoughts/experiences! - sorry for length.

Been ttc no.2 for 8 months now. Cycles have all been 25-26 days except one 22 and one 28 (which had some spotting on day 26 & 27). Currently am on CD32, 15 dpo, so tomorrow will be 6-7 days late for AF, and no sign of AF.

Had a few light cramps last week and twinges every so often but I have had far more 'symptoms' every other month (I symptom-spot like crazy and this cycle hasn't even given me anything to think about). Had a BFN on cd29 and today cd32.

going a bit crazy, am too pessimistic too think that 2 BFNs can be wrong especially as wasn't testing early. So wondering if I didn't ovulate this month... but surely I'd still get AF as uterine lining would need to shed?

I use the dual hormone OPKs and this month didn't get a 'high' just went straight from low to peak (LH surge) on cd16. Thought this was a bit odd and I started OPK testing on day 6.

The preg kits say for BFNs 'if you suspect you are pregnant test again in 3 days [which I did] and if still negative and AF doesn't arrive then see your doctor' - when should I see the doctor in order not to be told just to 'wait for AF'? What is likely to be going on?

Have been planning on a private fertility consultation asap as well just to make sure nothing obviously 'wrong' but now I don't know where I am.

I sound a bit OTT I know but always been pretty regular. With first pregnancy 2.5 years ago I conceived on first cycle and tested about 3 days after AF due and got a BFP first time. (Had classic symptoms too so have some idea what to look for!) So a bit thrown hence wanting to ask you lovely ladies.

lynseyc83 Mon 07-Nov-16 07:34:30

I know it's frustrating, I was the same last month, two weeks late and then period came, usually regular as clock work- went to the GPs they wouldn't do any blood tests till i was 2 months late.

blackcherries Mon 07-Nov-16 19:30:11

thanks lynsey think I won't bother then! I suspect AF may come tomorrow anyway. Never had this before so obviously got quite excited only to be miserable again, twice!

Back to the drawing board I guess...

delilahbucket Mon 07-Nov-16 20:56:27

A positive ovulation test doesn't confirm you have ovulated. Your body may have geared up to it and given you the positive result but then not released an egg. I have had this happen once. When af did eventually arrive I realised that what was my second round of ewcm I had ignored and brushed off as just my body being weird after ovulation.
If you didn't get the positive ovulation test until cd16 it is likely you didn't ovulate until cd18 or 19 so really you're not that late.

blackcherries Mon 07-Nov-16 22:15:34

delilah thanks that's the sort of thing I was wondering if people had experienced as I suspect I didn't release an egg. Do you know why this happens? At least in your case it didn't keep happening?

delilahbucket Mon 07-Nov-16 22:42:29

It can happen for no reason at all every so often and it is perfectly normal. Stress can also be a factor and I have found that flying also messes with my ovulation. Stress will often sway my ovulation by a day or two. Other factors can include sleep issues and diet change.

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